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From: Susan Buckley <>
Subject: Re: Rhodas...Glena, Hugh, all you AL people
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 15:03:38 -0700

Okay, Glena, Hugh, Bev, Jas Hampton crew & Cuzzies,

This whole thing started because Glena asked this
question back at the first of the year, and I found it
in Archives....she wanted to know who Rhoda was with
all those O name sounding children.

Butler County

David Overstreet38GA
Nelly 60GA

#228Rhoda Berry60GA

In Nancy Hanyka's work:

Samuel O 1803 NC m Rhoda....nothing else.

But, Samuel's older sisters and brothers were <try these
Henry O b 1802 NC d Neshoba MS m Nancy A Carter
Mary "Emily" O 1800 GA (which I doubt) d Kemper Co
MS m Alexander Graham
Elizabeth "Betsy" O 1798 m John Husband
John 1796 NC d DeKalb MS m Elizabeth Husband

Then the next child born after Samuel was:

Nancy O 1804 NC d Kemper Co MS m Wm Vintor Eleazor
Wm J O 1813 NC d Kemper Co MS m Nancy C Houston
Jane O 1816 b Clarke Co MS d Clarke Co m Wiley

Okay...little detour here with Hugh...this is your W
Overstreet and Nancy C Overstreet in the Bible...Nancy
C Houston b Oct 15 1816 MS m Dec 14 1835 Sumter Co AL
d Dec 7, 1891 Kemper Co MS. And their children:
Mary Jane O
John Henry O 1842 m Mary Leak
Wm Josiah O m Catherine Laura Campbell
Nancy C O b 1848 d 1862 Kemper Co MS
Elizabeth Louis "Louisa" O m Geo Hubbard Eldridge
Jas A O 1854 m winfred Penelope Hull with Hugh
as a child
Giles O 1863

Wm J and Samuel's parents:
Jas O 1770 Richmond Co NC m Nancy 1774

Then I go to change your line, and it's already set up...
where's my head?...did I do this last night? <yesterday
was not a goooood day!>

Anyway, you have cuzzies:

* Donald Logan
John/Jas ca 1770 NC>John O ca 1796 NC
* Linda
Jas O 1770 NC>John O 1796 NC>Alexander O 1852 MS
>John Daniel O 1880 Pittsburg TX>Walter Franklin O
1913 Pittsburg TX>Linda O Hanyka 1950 Pittsburg TX
* Margaret Coffman
Jas O 1770 NC>John O 1796 NC/SC>Alexander O 1852 MS>John Daniel O 1880
Pittsburg TX>Walter Franklin
O 1913 Pittsburg TX>Margaret Evelyn O 1946 Pittsburg TX
* Beverly "Bev" Daly
John O 1796 NC>Nancy O 1804 NC>John Jefferson
Houston 1827 Wayne Co MS
* Hugh Overstreet
Jas O 1770 Richmond NC>John O b 1796 NC>Wm J O
1813 NC>Jas A O 1854 MS>Hugh O Sr 1881 MS>Hugh
O Jr>Hugh O III

And, that's a right formidable crew!

Now, Bev, Nancy says John Jefferson O was b in Sumter
Co AL. Y'all might want to discuss that.

Then Pam writes:
>Have you ever heard of a book done in 1996, Upshur
>County HX ? (I don't know what that HX is.)
>It says something about John OVERSTREET, b. 1796 in
>NC, married in 1837 to Emily HILLIARD who was born in
>1823 in GA.

You mean we have two Johns, both b 1796 from NC? Oh,

Then Glena writes:

>Where did Tom Blackwell, the one who has all the wrong >information on
the web, get his information?

He got it by hook or crook all kinds of places.

>Did he get some legitimate stuff from someone and then >post it as his,
or dream it?

He probably stumbled into some legit info.

>He shows a Samuel Columbus Overstreet married to a Rhoda >Mason. As you
know, James Hampton & family traveled to
>TX with "Lum" Overstreet and some Masons.

Now....boy! Is this a longie....just keeps winding
down more trails!!

Darlene had that information...you know, from Arizona,
such a funny gal! She's covered up with grandchildren
at the moment and has never come on the list. You can
see she and ole stuff are on the "Lum" line. I remember
distinctly her talking about Elizabeth...a name going
with this "Lum" line. Remember her crazy story about
one of Lum's grandchildren stuck him with something on
the porch...ole Lum got tetnus or an infection and died?
That's why Rhoda's name changed to Berry. She married

Samuel Columbus O ca 1803 NC>Elizabeth "Becky" O 1824 AL>Jas Harvey
Herrington 1856 Hardin Co TX
Tom Blackwell
Samuel Columbus O ca 1803 NC>Elizabeth "Becky" O 1824 AL>Ira Clay
Herrington 1869 Hardin Co TX>
JesseLynn Harrington 1900 Orange TX>Margaret Peterson 1930 Hidalgo Co

Then we go to one more bend in the road....Jas Hampton.
It seems to me I remember that Jas Hampton's parents
in the census are listed from GA....is that right?
And, that really throws a fly in the ointment! Surely
that's a mistake...

Laura Flebbe
Jas Hampton O 1822 AL>Lewis Hampton O 1870 Hardin Co
TX>Robert Irving O 1906 TX
John & Kat
Jas Hampton O 1822 AL>Lewis Hampton O 1870 Hardin Co
TX>Oscar Oran O 1886>Dixie Mae O 1926 TX
Sandy Jordan
Jas Hampton O 1822 AL>Daniel O 1855 AL>Oscar Oran
1886>Anne Margarette O 1921 TX
Glena Green
Jas Hampton O 1822 AL>Daniel O 1855 AL>Cynthia Emma
O 1881>Hallie Mullins>Frank Mihelich>Glena Green
Ron Eller
Jas Hampton O 1822 AL>Daniel O 1855 AL>Jas Hamilton
O 1879 Hardin Co TX>Gladys O Eller 1914 Polk Co TX>
Ronald Arvin Eller 1945 Pueblo CO
Pamela Holmes Serda
Jas Hampton O 1822 AL>Daniel "Dan" O 1855 Conecuh Co
AL>Mary Eboline O 1875>Clayton Holmes 1903 Tyler TX>
Glenn Holmes 1931 TX

Glena, I sent a copy of this to John, Kat, and Sandy.
They aren't subbed...<we talk too much!> And, to Darlene
if she's on line.

Now, could Jas Hampton be the older brother of Elizabeth?

Because of the Daniel, Henry names, I think this whole
mess further connects John NC with this huge Henry line.

And, all these people are in Hardin. Glena, I told you
that you'd unraveled this mess. What do you think?!!
<now, you wanna come over here and mess with mah and
Jane Stein's and Frances's line?!!!>

Hahaha! So, who the fire is David?!! And, why is he
born in GA? Did Samuel "Lum" come to GA first, marry
Rhoda from GA, have David and Jas Hampton in GA, and
then moved to MS?


Stephen Harold O 1815 GA>John Henry O 1852 Gilmer TX>
John Robin O 1875 Bowie TX>Hallie O 1904 Mineral Wells
TX>Susan Frost Spice San Antonio TX

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