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Here is the rest of the info. sent to Susan.

Submitted by Sherry Enzor


New York, January 7, 1939

To the members of the family

These records are offered in the hope that through your cooperation they may
be extended and revised where needed. They represent careful investigation
and in important respects, I think, are accurate. Where conclusions of any
particular importance must be drawn, the basis for same is evidenced by such
supporting records as are presently available.

Many references entirely outside our own family are included merely because
these have been developed in the extended research which has been made and
in the hope that they might be useful to others. As these records are
tentative in some respects and preliminary, I hope , to a more permant form,
they have not been edited with much care, and no particular method has been
followed in their recording.

The enclosed represents only the family of Elizabeth Moss, wife of Jesse
Edwards. Similar record of his family will follow shortly, and that of the
White family is in preparation, although the Shreve-White
genealogy-Allen-1897 is practically complete to that date.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Jesse E. White
90 John Street
New York, NY

This is stamped with this seal {Apr. 24, 1939 GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY OF UTAH

Moss, Massie, Hughes and Thurmond Families
{New Kent, Hanover, Ambemarle and Goochland Counties, Virginia}

Records show the earliest known American progenitors of these families
resident in New Kent county, VA form the middle of the seventeenth century.
No effort has been made to trace them before their arrival in the Colony of
VA but it seems certain that they were of English and Welsh origin.

The earliest date of record is a land grant to Rice (Rees) Hughes March 8,
1652/3 O.S.

New Kent County was established in 1654 and was division from York an
original Shire. It embraced the parent territory of New Kent, King and
Queen, King William, Hanover and the upper part of James City Counties.


Because of the general destruction of a great many of the Offical records of
the county, much dependence must be placed on those of the Church.

Blisland Parish of the Established English Church was co-extensive with the
earliest boundry of the co;unty. The Vestry Book of Blisland Parish, New
Kent and St. James counties affords the earliest references including a
number of these families. It contains a photostatic copy of the Blisland
Greivence dated April 2, 1677 taken from the orginial which is on file in
the Public Record Office in London.

This interesting protest and petition was an aftermath of the open rebellion
of the Colonists in 1676 under the leadership of National Bacon against the
Colonial Government headed by William Berkeley. Although the revolt was
quickly suppressed, it resulted in the appointment of Commissioners to visit
Virginia to enquire into and report upon the state of affairs in the Colony.
On their arrival in Virginia April 2, 1677 the commissioners invited the
Colonists to file lists of their greivances.

Among the principal complaints in the Blisland Greviances were those
concerning excessive taxes, partly in the following language;

"Wee present as insupportable to Grievance the greate taxes imposed upon us
yearley" "As a most Heavie Grievance the late frequent horrid and barbarous
muthers commited and perpetuated upon our fellow subjects by the perfidious
Among other grievances was "the greate exactions of Shirriffes"

Ther were 87 signatories to this historic document. The petition cites that
all had served in the Militia. The first signator was that of Rees Hughes.
Among these were also Peter Massie, Robert Hughes, Will Mosse and Thomas
Mims. Thomas Mims was no doubth progenitor of the Mims family members of
which intermarried with these families and two brothers, Drury Jr. and
Britton Mims who married Mary Ann H. and Charley Edwars sisters of Jesse
Edwards 1806-10.

John Moss b. c. 1701 d. w. Goochland Co. VA, Dec. 19, 1785
m. Elizabeth Massie (Charles 2, Peter 1) b.1709 St. Peters Parish, New Kent
Co. VA

(1) Gideon Moss
m. Susannah Richardson 1762 Goochland Co. VA
issue; Sally 1762, John 1765, Susannah 1766 and Gideon 1768.

(2) John Moss
m. Charity Hughes Nov. 20, 1761 Hanover Co. VA
children; ***record follows***

(3) Alexander Moss
m. Ann Thurmond (Phillip 2, Richard 1.) Dec. 27, 1760 Goochland Co. VA
a. Jean Moss b. Nov. 21, 1761 Goochland Co. VA
b. Philip Moss b. Mar. 21, 1763 "" "" "" "" ""
c. Fleming Moss b. Apr. 20, 1765 "" "" "" ""
d. Susannah Moss b. June 18, 1773 "" "" ""

(4) Samuel Moss
m. 1st Elizabeth Tisdale 1763.
Samuel 1764 and Sarah 1765.
m. 2nd Susannah Powell 1776.
William 1777.

(5) Susannah Moss
m. Benjamin Thurmond (Plillip 2, Richard 1) Jan. 11, 1758, Goochland, Co.
a. Betsey Thurmond b. May 16, 1761 Goochland Co VA (she married William
b. Judith Thurmond b. Feb. 7, 1778 "" "" "" "" ""
c. Mary (Polly) Thurmond m. Philip Thurmond (John 3, Phillip 2, Richard 1)
Wilkes Co GA
d. Nancy Thurmond m. William Thurmond (John 3, Phillip 2, Richard 1) Wilkes
Co. GA

(6) Ann Moss
m. John Younger 1757
a. Elizabeth Younger 1758
b. Mary Younger 1760
c. Susanna Younger
d. John Younger
e. Jean Younger

(7) Cecila Moss

(8) Mary Moss
m. John Mims 1761
Tatlton Mims

(9) Natthaniel Moss b. Dec. 25, 1752 Goochland Co. VA
m. Hoanna Johnson (Joseph and Sarah Harris Johnson) 1780
A. Mary Moss b. 1784 Goochland Co. VA
m. Reuben Booth of VA 1803 Oglethorpe Co GA
issue Joanna Booth m. Charles Kibbe
issue Charles Booth Kibbe m. Essie Anna Dale
issue Charles Griffin Kibbe, 3620 5th Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. Has son
and grandson same name.

***John Moss (John 1) b. c. 1740 d. intestate Edgefield Co. SC 1810
m. Charity Hughes Hanover Co VA Nov. 20, 1761 d. W. Mar. 2, 1818 Lincoln Co

(1) Frances Moss b. Apr. 1, 1763 in VA

(2) Anderson Moss b. Sept. 12, 1766 in VA

(3) Hughes Moss b. Sept. 19, 1768 Goochland Co VA d. 1830 Edgefield Co
m. Rachel Thurmond (John 3, Phillip 2, Richard 1) c. 1788 Wilkes Co GA b. c.
1772 d. w. Jan 9, 1844 Edgefield Co SC *children following*

(4) Alaxander Moss b. Feb. 24, 1771 in VA

(5) Elizabeth Moss b. May 20, 1773 in VA

(6) Jean Moss b. Nov. 5, 1775 in VA

(7) Charity Moss b. c. 1777 possibly Edgefield Co SC m. Lewis Sale
(Mrs. J.R.Wooten, Genealogist, Monroe LA, a descendant)

(8) JOhn Moss b. Apr. 3, 1778, d. Mar. 1838 m. Lydia Mims b. May 1785
d. Jan. 20, 1851

Note; Will of Charity Hughes Moss dated Feb. 14, 1818 indicates there must
have been eleven children as she devised one-twelfth, her distribution share
of the estate of John Moss (c. 1740-1810)

Hughes Moss (John 2, John 1) b. Sept. 12, 1768 Goochland Co VA. D. 1830
intestate, Edgefield Co SC
m. Rachel Thurmond (John 3, Phillip 2, Richard 1) c. 1788 Wilkes Co GA b.
ca. 1772 d. w Jan. 9, 1844 Edgefield Co SC
(1) Martha Moss b. c. 1789
m. Robert Key (capt. Thos. and Francis Garrett Key)
a. Thomas G. Key
b. Robert Augustus Key
c. Martha Key

(2) John Moss b. c. 1790
m. Elizabeth Mims (David)
a. Sarah Moss m. Mr. Tate
b. David M. Moss
c. Jane E. Moss
d. Rachel P. Moss

(3) Rachel Moss b.c. 1792 d. after 1830
m. Joseph M. Terry (2nd wife)
a. Caroline Terry

(4) Elizabeth Moss b. c. 1794 d. before Nov. 1833
m. Jesse Edwards (Charles 3, Thomas 2, Thomas 1) b.c. 1787 d. Sept. 1839
issue; see Edwards family

(5) Mary Moss
m. Thomas Shaw
had issue

(6) William H. Moss
m. 1st Sarah Mims
m. 2nd Susan Mims (sisers- John 2, Drury 1)
children; (known)
a. James Moss m. Julia Hoper
b. America Harrison Moss d. 1839 intestate

(7) Matthew Moss
m. 1st Elizabeth Mason
a. Rachel Moss m. John I. Burhs
b. John Moss m. Mary A. Brunson (he died 1864)
c. Elizabeth Moss m. Daniel Brunson
d. Mathew Moss d. 1864

(7) Mathew Moss
m. 2nd Emma Steadham

Record of our Moss family must begin with John and Elizabeth Massie Moss as
no definite record has been found as to his parentage. They moved from New
Kent county to Goochland Co VA. Their children were married in that county
and continued to live there until most of their children had married.

It seems certain that our John Moss was a descendant of an early immigrant
to VA as the Moss family in the Colony dates back well befroe 1650 as is
shown by records which follow. Unfortunately many offical records of New
Kent county were destroyed and at this seitting none other have been found
to definitely carry this line further back.

John Moss- Will dated Sept. 18, 1784, proved Dec. 19, 1785, Goochland Co VA
deed and will book 14 p. 212
legatees; Wife Elizabeth; sons, Gideon, John, Alexander and Nathaniel.
daus; Ann Younger and Cecelia Moss; sons-in -law; Benjamin Thurmond and
John Mims.
executors; sons, Samuel and Nathaniel.
witnesses; Nathaniel and William Massie, William Turner and William Perkins.

John and Charity Hughes Moss were married in Hanover co VA. Their older
children were born in Goochland VA. They moved to North Carolina and then
to Ninety-Six District, now Edgefield county SC before the American
Revolution, where he died and was buried about three miles from town of
Edgefield in 1810.

He recieved a land grant in Wilkes Co GA where his brother Alexander Moss
and his sister, Susannah and her husband Benjamin Thurmond had settled in
1773, but apparently did not settle there. This grant is recorded in Vol.
1, p. 12.

John Moss (c. 1740-1810) served as a Revolutionary soldier. The Historical
Commission of SC has a record of pay issued to him for services in one of
the independent companies from Aprial 21, 1779 to Feb. 29, 1780, and the
indent with which he was paid.

Land grant for services in the Revolution was made to him in 1784. There
are two record books of grants of "vacant land" made to revolutionary
soldiers by SC in the Abbeville court house carried there from the county
seat of Old Ninety-Six District.

Hugh (Huse) Moss was included in first census of SC 1790 as a married man
with a wife, a son and a daughter.

Will of Rachel Thurmond Moss Edgefield SC Judgement Roll # 483- dated Mar
10, 1832, probated Jan 29, 1844.
Hughes Moss died intestate in 1830;
heirs; include issue of Elizabeth Moss, wife of Jesse Edwards; Letty,
Hughes, Charles, Anderson, Emily and Elinora Edwards. (All children who
were living and the children of those not alive were mentioned in this

Virginia records show that the American progenitors of the Moss family were
among the early residents of York County, an original Shire.

Edward Moss and his wife made gifts to "sonne" Edward in 1657 and 1665.
Edward Moss was a justice in 1687, there is a record of his will in 1716.

Will Moss was a signatory to the Blisland Greivances, New Kent Co 1677. He
was a processioner in St. Peters Parish in 1689. Register of that Parish
records "William son to Thomas Moss bapt. ye 17 of Feby. 1688/9" and "John
ye son of Wm. born November ye 18th 1723."

James Moss was Burgess for New Kent Co. 1703-5.

Quit Rent Rolls New Kent Co. 1704
James Moss 720 acres
Thomas Moss 430 acres
Samuel Moss 200 acres

Alexander Moss paid "quit rents" New Kent Co. 1704. His name appears in
Cumberland Co VA after 1713.

Alex Moss listed in precinct 19 Hanover Co VA 1727 in St. Pauls Parish
Vestry Book.

New Kent Co. Records;
James Moss, Vestryman 1701 p. 63
Capt. James Moss- payment to-
Alexander Moss-payment to-1733 p. 165

St. Peters Parich, New Kent Co VA Register 1680-1787
Ann, dau, Alex Moss born " 7br ye 30th 1724" P.94
Ann, dau. Thos. and Susanna Moss born Feb. 15, 1735
John Moss, son of William born Nov. 18, 1723
William and Anne Moss first born child, 1773

Goochland Co. VA Records
Deed from Gedion Moss of Goochland co 1761, 8-272
Deed from Alexander Moss and wife Ann of Fluvanna Co 1772 vo. 12
Deed to Alexander Moss of New Kent Co. 1732 1-333
Deed to William Moss of New Kent Co. 1730 1-92
Case of Thomas Moss 1728
Will of Hugh Moss 1780 13-28

Fairfax Co VA Records
Robert, Thomas and William Moss 1654-grant 800 acres
Lancaster Co for importing 16 persons 3-309
(stated to be brothers and orginal immigrants and that Robert Moss was
assessed for tobacco in York Co 1654 in artical in the Researcher Jan. 1927
p. 9 and p. 114)
William Moss of York Co grant 1711 10-6
William Moss grant land in Goochland Co 1729 13-387
Thomas Moss of New Kent Co grant land in Henrico Co 1728 13-466
Thomas Moss will 1778 wife Sarah- John, William and Thomas.

York Co VA Records
Edward Moss deed to son Edward, wife Elinor 1657 p. 109
deed to Edward Moss 1655
deed to Edward Moss Jr. 1691 p. 101
claim for loss- John Mos Sr.
Deed from Mary Moss to William Moss and wife Mary 1777 8-312
Edward Moss Sr.- children not 21 years 1785.
Edward Moss, son of John not 21, brother John 1786
Capt. John Moss will 1789 Children; Francis, Elizabeth Randle, William,
Benjamin Jr. and John.

Louisa CO VA Records
John Moss will 1758 wife; Jane, Children; Masry, John, Benjamin, Dianah,
Sarah, Jane, and Nathaniel. p. 36

Cumberland Co VA Records
William Moss will proved Sept. 3, 1754
wife Elizabeth, Son Thomas (of New Kent Co) grandsons James and John, son
William, son James, dau. Ann Oslyn, dau. Tabitha Stovall.

Sussex Co VA Wills (W. & M. Quar. July 1913 p. 269)
Moss; John 1758, John 1761 inv. Benjamin 1761 inv. Mary 1775, James 1772
inv. John 1776, Seth 1777, Henry 1782, Elizabeth 1782, Sampson 1782,
Joanna 1784, William 1786, Ephriam 1792.
Book and page given for each.

Henrico Co Records
Deed from John and Ann A. Moss- land left them by will of John Aldridge.
Capt. Hugh Moss m. Jeane Fford 1768 Douglas Reg. p.36
Thomas Moss m. Polly Farrar Oct 26, 1802 Albemarle Co
Drury Moss m. Lucy Howel Apr. 2, 1805 Albemarl Co.
witness Alexander Moss
W. & M. Quar. Oct 1898 p. 98
William Duiguid m. Ann Moss Nov. 25, 1745 Goochalnd VA consent of Alexander
Moss witnesses Francis Moss and John Barnes

Alexander Moss will Feb. 10- Apr. 27, 1772, Cumberland VA dau. Ann Duiguid,
grandchildren Alex, George and William Duiguid, Elizabeth Patterson, Jean
Coile, Ann, Martha and Mary Duiguid. Land in Great Britain among bequests.
Ann Duiguid and Charles Patteson, executors

Virginia Revolutionary War Records- G.M. Brumbach 1936
John Moss (Maj.) pp. 107, 300 & 475
John Moss (sol inf.) pp. 208, 254, 257 & 617.
Francis Moss (armorer) John Moss warrantee p. 353
Starke Moss (state navy) John Moss Warrantee p. 358

**remember Douglas Starke signed on Pitmans settlement of estate**

John Moss; Public Claim Papers Brunswick Co VA State Librarey Certificate
for sale of eight beef cattle Sept. 17, 1781 L.34-7-6
signed Chas, Edmunds D.C.

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