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Subject: More on us Overstreets and the Indian thing
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 12:08:13 EST

The following was recently taken from information at the Bedford City museum
by "you all's" cousin Don Overstreet. If your from this line on Overstreet
or anyone having anything to contribute about this I like to hear from you

All from the Tree of James Overstreet b. 1740, John Overstreet b. 1774,
Charles Harrison Overstreet

James Overstreet b. abt 1740
m. May 31, 1767 Francis Eubank in Goochland, Co., VA. James made two claims
for public service during the Revolutionary War by renting wagons to the
Patriots. He served as an ensign in Capt. John Ware's Company Goochland
Militia 9-9-1777 and took his oath as1st. Lt. April 20 1778

James O 4th child was John Overstreet b. 1774 in Goochland Co., VA d. 8-21-53
at the home of his daughter Mary Overstreet in Bedford, VA m. 10-4-1797
Nancy Jeter (who had previously been married to Phillips) b. abt 1769 d. aft
1850. They had 8 children. John O. purchased land on and around Suck Mt in
NE Bedford Co.

John O first child Tilman J. Overstreet (listed as Tilghman and Tillman, or
Tilman as per his signature on a marriage license and from where your cousin
the undersigned descended) . b. abt 1802 in Bedford. VA d. June 3. 1878 in
Giles Co, VA m. Nancy Stanley 12-12-1828 b. abt 1812 in Bedford, VA d. after
1880 in Giles Co. Va living with her son Henry J. Overstreet and daughter
Martha Overstreet as per 1880c.

And Charles Harrison Overstreet b. 9-7-1800 4th child of John and Nancy
Overstreet m. 8-10-1827 to Mary Newman daughter to Arthur Newman, Sr. and
Lucy CREASY that lived in Western Bedford Co.

About 1832 Charles Harrison Overstreet and his older brother Tilman J.
Overstreet obtained a joint land grant for 153 1/4 acres on the south side of
Headforemost Mt. which is one of the Blue Ridge Peaks across the little
valley north of Suck Mt. In 1837 they sold it to Zachariah Wheat.
Overstreet Creek ran through the valley and today it is known as Wheat
Valley. Charles H. and Mary Overstreet had 8 children Wm. Henry, Ann
Lucinda, Charles Arthur "Pomp", Sarah P, Mary Francis, Perlina M, Amanda D,
and Martha P.

Remember all this and now we got to a family named Ruff.

About 1790 Joseph Ruff appears in the Bedford area. His father was Thomas
and was involved in the
Revolutionary War. Joseph was b. in 1774 per 1859 census. He bought 30
acres of land on Goose Creek in 1799 and sold it in 1810. In 1807 he bought
a 50 acre tract on the South side of Taylor's Mt. on the headwaters of
present day Camp Creek and moved there and lived until he died in 1850. All
records of Joseph Ruff and his children show them as black, free black, or
mulatto. There is no record of a free black named Ruff in the free slave
register book for Bedford Co. There is no record of any marriage for Joseph
Ruff or any of his children. The record at the museum refers to pictures of
the Ruff's as being dark skinned, straight black hair, and high cheek bones
or characteristics of Indians. Cherokee in particular since Cherokee Indians
were in this area moving westward to western N. Carolina and North Georgia
around present day Cherokee, NC. in early 1800's. In 1838 Congress voted to
remove all Indians east of the Mississippi River to OK. It was better to
call one's self black than to risk being jerked from your house and sent to
OK. (now some people volunteer to go to OK to live :-) and for free, some
preferring to live there over GA) About 1805 Joseph Ruff and Catherine
"Kathy" Boblitz (later Boblett) were taken to court for living together out
of wedlock. They could not legally marry if he was in all probability
Indian. They probably had 5 children. sons James b. 1810 and David b. 1807.
James had two 2 mates. First was Mary Lewellyn. James and Mary were
summoned to court for adultery in 1836 and the case was never settled. The
actual charges read "living together in adultery under a pretended marriage.
Apparently Mary died abt. 1840 and James had a new mate Emmiline in 1840.
Similar charges were filed against David and his mate Nancy Blankinship.
James and Mary had at least 4 children and James and Emmiline had 7 children.

James and Mary's 3rd daughter Violitta was b. in 1832 and became the mate of
William Henry Overstreet b. abt 1829 son of Charles Harrisson Overstreet and
Nancy Newman previously mentioned as brother of Tilman J Overstreet both
owning property in Wheat Valley near Suck Mt. in Bedford Co, VA. The problem
was they could not marry because of the Indian marriage thing. Apparently
they were known at the Bedford courthouse. They were married in Roanoke, VA
35 miles to the west of Bedford on 1-6-1852. They both claimed there parents
were white. Then moved back to Taylor's Mt. in Bedford Co.

Perlina M "Paulina Perline" Overstreet b. abt 1838 and brother of William
Henry Overstreet previously mentioned was the mate of Wm. Hopkins "Hoss"
Ruff. Son of David Ruff and his mate Nancy Blankinship previous mentioned.
On 1-31-1856 they went to Roanoke and were married. However "Hoss" Ruff took
his mothers last name Blankinship and they returned to Taylor's Mt. as Mr. &
Mrs Blankinship. During the following 10 years they had 3 maybe 4 children,
Samuel Thomas b 1-1-1857, Mary Ann b. 11-1- 1858, Lee H. b. abt 1864 and Wm.
H b. abt 1866. Lee H. and Wm H. may be the same. Abt 1864 Hoss Ruff or
Blankinship died and his wife Perlina reverted back to Overstreet. Samuel
Thomas records indicate he used Ruff but mostly Overstreet. Mary Ann used
Blankinship (Ruff/Overstreet) when she married Charles Lewis Overstreet in
1892, son of Charles "Pomp" Overstreet and Phoebe Ann "Lucy" Carter. Wm. H.
used Blankinship when he married Eliza Trent on 1883.

Apparently these native American Indians used more than one name. Especially
if they wanted to be part of the main stream way of life of the white man
that was taking over their land.

>From what I have been able to determine from research records at the Bedford
museum the Taylor's Mt. area has been an area of where even to this day the
locals are hesitant to talk about the marriage or absent of marriages of
several families marrying cousins or not marrying because of the native
American thing with children being born out of wed lock. Because of Public
opinion of the Western thing between the cowboys and Indians it just wasn't
practical to acknowledge an Indian ancestry. (Remember how John Wayne won
the West, the same John Wayne that won WW 2) Then along comes "Pomp"
Overstreet becoming prominent on Taylor's Mt. pushing the families of
Taylor's Mt. to "legitimate" these families by obtaining legal marriage. It
would have started in his own Overstreet family.

All those creeks and hollows around Taylor's Mt. there has bount to have been
a few moon shine still's. That's another story and I'm sure none of our
Overstreet's have been involved with such nasty tasting stuff.

Cousin Don O

?, James, John, Tilman J, Silas C., Silas A., William, Don, Denny, The END

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