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From: Julie <>
Subject: [OWENS] Northumberland - OWEN/S (734)
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2007 11:30:18 -0800 (PST)
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This one is long so it get's it's own message :) - I'm thinking Owsman might be Owen... but there's another one in there too.

P132 – 734 – 18 Feb 1679/80 – Certificate is granted Mr Tho: Matthew for three thousand eight hundred Acres of Land for ye Transportation of seaventy six persons into this Colony (vizt)
Mr Thomas Mathew & ten Negroes from Barbados
Mr Tho: Matthew from London
Three Negroes from New England
Steph: Sallowes
Jno Haughton
Matt: Neale
Steph: Proctor
Mary _______
Jno Hendy
Jno Rumley
Laur: Fulbrook
Sarah Statham
Robt Mundy
Anth: Paw
Geo: Lyle
Jos: Beeton
Arthur Rickett
Mich: domundy
Christopher Byerley
Jno Daulson
Danll Kneton
Christopher Clarke
Mary Packman
Edw: Watts
Mary Downes
Tho: Holley
Susanna Ofile
Wm Parker
Wm Sage
Steph: Walton
David Hughes
Danll Shea
Mary Cavernaugh
Robt House
Tho: Curtis
Jono Cope
Mary Cooper
James Seabury
Edw: Owsman
Tho: Morris
Jno Turraine
Jno Bamfold
Pet: de Jerzey
Miles Crawley
Hawett Ignatious
Oliver & Mary ____
Turner _____
Henry Burke
Jno Whittington
Tho: Dew
James Jenn
Anne Cleaves
Thomas ____
Matt: Peterson
Danll Neale
Wm Woggan
Patr: Maly
Robt Dunn
Tho: Owen
Tho: Hea
Phill: Welsh
Ja: Alexander & Mary ____
Samll Bankley
OB 1678-98, Part 1, 56.

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