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I am happy to give you the information, the only trouble is,
I was using it as an example of my frustration. This situation
is not for my Owens, but for my mother's side. Her brother,
George Wesley Bandy joined the Mormon church, I have a
letter written to me by the man who baptized him. His mother,
my grandmother, was apparently born in Oklahoma Territory
in 1882.

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Go instead where there is no path and
leave a trail. Ralph W. Emerson
If the sum total of our lives is going to be represented by
nothing more than the dash between our birth and death
years listed on a tombstone, let’s make sure the dash is not silent.

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Some of these are from LDS films - so very possible there is a transcription error :-) if it has a film number and an image number I probably have the scan, just give me the info and I will do my best to find it for you
- Julie

Owen/s in War

Pensioners of the United States, 1818. U.S. War Department. (1818). By Murtie June Clark [First is where they are living, then rank, then state they served.] PENNSYLVANIA– page 523 Robert OWENS – private – Ship Reprisal VIRGINIA– page 578 Charles OWENS – private – (line) Virginia SOUTH CAROLINA– page 595 Thomas OWENS – private – (line) Pennsylvania OHIO– page 645 William OWEN – private – (line) Pennsylvania


marriage index Mar. 1826- Oct. 1859 LDS film 1,313,295

OWENS, James & FREEMAN, Ruth; 9/3/1829; 9/6/1829; bk1, p341; John Livingston AJDGG; James Dill; (1313295_p016) OWEN, Allen & VANSICKLE, Margaret; 10/8/1831; 10/9/1831; bk2, p151; Benjamin Fuller,JP; James Dill; (1313295_p025) OWENS, William & LANCE, Mary; 9/19/1832; 9/19/1832;bk2, p292; John Saltmarsh, JP; James Dill; (1313295_p030) OWENS, Robert & BARTLETT, Margaret; 6/24/1833; [blank]; bk23, p432; [blank]; James Dill; (1313295_p035) WOOD, Zadock & OWENS, Mary Ann; 9/20/1838; 9/20/1838; bk4, p452; Joel Decoursey, JP; Alex K Dill (pro tem); (1313295_p068) COVINGTON, Robert & OWENS, Mary S; 12/9/1843; 12/9/1843; bk7, p18; S. Rawson, min; Wm V Cheek; (1313295_p102) OWINGS, Joshua & OWINGS, Elizabeth; 2/7/1844; 2/8/1844; bk7, p41; Jas Vandolah, JP; Wm V Cheek; (1313295_p104) GREY, Isaac & OWENS, Malinda; 9/17/1846; 9/22/1846; bk8, p33; Andrew Baker, min; Wm V Cheek; (1313295_p122) OWEN, Calvin & STEVENS, Clarissa C; 6/6/1846; 6/9/1846; bk8, p19; John Saltmarsh, JP; Wm V Cheek!
; (1313295_p120) POHEA?, Henry & OWENS, Ann; 5/25/1847; 5/27/1847; bk8, p79; Wm Wier, Min; Wm V Cheek; (1313295_p126) OWINGS, Richard C & ELLINGWOOD, Eliza Ann; 5/23/1848; 5/25/1848; Wm J Fleming; Wm V Cheek; (1313295_p135) OWINGS, Ephraim & STOOP, Sarah; 9/13/1851; 9/16/1851; Bk8, p390; S. Records. Min; G. O’Brien; (1313295_p159) HALE, Samuel J & OWEN, Lucinda A.; 5/27/1852; 6/1/1852; bk8, p447; F.G.Holliday Min; G. O”Brien; (1313295_p164)

Book: Census of Indiana Territory for 1807 © 1980 – Dearborn county, Indiana
#391 Thomas OWENS
#394 David OWEN [could be ODEN]

Book: Records of Marriages in Fayette County, Kentucky, For the Period of Years 1803-1851 Inclusive (LDS film 0,496,872)

___quest OWENS to Susan B. PRESTON, Sept 17, 1835, bondsman Francis PRESTON (p 095) Henry OWENS to Elizabeth NICKEY?, Dec 17, 18__, bondsman Wm F. NICKEY? (p 095) James OWENS to Nancy CLIFFORD, Aug 12, 1813, bondsman CLIFFORD, Anne m CLIFFORD, John B. (p 096) Jno. OWEN to Sally HIGBEE d/o Sarah, May 14, 1827, bondsman Peter HIGBEE (p 096) Mason OWENS to Mary S. STONE, June 17, 1830, bondsman Jonathan ELKINS (p 096) Samuel D. OWENS to Fanny YOUNG father A. YOUNG, Jan 28, 1825, bondsman Jno T. YOUNG (p 096) Thomas OWEN to Susan A MATHEWS d/o Samuel, Aug 27, 1842, bondsman Samuel MATHEWS (p 096) William OWENS to Eliza STOUT, Feb 16, 1814, bondsman Windall TROUT (p 096) William OWINGS to Sarah BEAN d/o Abner, Aug 12, 1822, bondsman Abner BEAN (p 096) Jepthah OWINGS to Cynthiann ANDERSON, March 25, 1831, Joshua OWINGS (p 096) Joshua OWINGS to [empty], bondsman Nathaniel OWINGS (p 096) William OWINGS to Hannah CLIFFORD, Feb 1, 1812, bondsman Ann CLIFFORD (p 096) Samuel OWINGS to M!
ary PATTERSON d/o Richard, Jan 19, 1829, bondsman Richard PATTERSON (p 096) Robert PATRICK to Darcus OWEN, Nov 21, 18__, bondsman William OWEN (p 097) James B. COINER to Mary Ann OWEN d/o Catharine OWENS, March 25, 1843, bondsman Jesse TINGLE (p 033) G.W. HALL to Eliza S. OWENS, March 29, 1851, bondsman W.A. PULLIUM (p 059) Caleb G. ANDERSON to Mary OWENS, Oct 20, 1817, Wm. CADEN (p 004) Page 32 I didn’t copy Sidney HUDLEY to Nancy OWENS, Aug 25, 1826, bondsman OWENS, E. Gdn. (p 070) John ANGEL to Maria OWINGS, April 9, 1813, bondsman John OWENS (p 004) Chas G. CHOWNING to Nancy OWINGS, March 12, 1822, bondsman James OWINGS (p 030) James WHITE to Nancy OWINGS, Nov 25, 1811, bondsman Mason OWINGS (p 132) John SMITH to Mrs. Sarah OWINGS, March 27, 1834, bondsman Abner BEAN (p 114) James PEAL to Eliza J OWINS, March 10, 1835, bondsman TINGLE, D. gdn (p 098)

LDS film #1,912,848 “Pulaski County, Kentucky Marriage bonds 1799-1863

1804, Sept 13 – Samuel KIZZIAH to Rebecca OWENS, surety David OWENS [p 099] [daughter of David per Clay Co, Ind land doc.] David died in Clay Co Indiana in 1834. He named his children and grandchildren in his will - but I never found out anything further about his origins. The Kizziahs came out of Bertie Co NC, and it appears they were Native. There was an Owen family who were also Native in Bertie Co. Chief Bille Owen signed a land treaty there in 1763. I as never able to tie David to anyone - any of the Owens, or to the Native Owens family.
1806, June 28 – Spencer TINSLEY to Caty OWIN, consent of father Nicholas GUIN, surety Benjamin OWIN [p 173] 1808, Jan 26 – John SHORT to Any OWENS, surety William MANSFORD [p 156] [William & Nancy’s daughter] 1809, Apr 01 – Samuel NEWELL to Nancy OWENS, surety William OWENS [p 125] [William & Nancy’s daughter] 1815, Feb 01 – Reuben SHORT to Levisa OWENS, consent of William OWENS & John SHORT, kinship not stated, surety Thomas SHORT & John OWENS [p 157] [William & Nancy’s daughter] 1815, Nov 1 – Allin OWENS to Polly KILBOURN, surety Henry KILBURN [p 129] [per rootsweb msg post: Allen was S/O David Owen, b. 1759, Halifax Co., VA and Winefred Mullins, b. 1766, Halifax Co.] 1816, Aug 3 – John OWENS to Anna CHESNEY d/o John; wit. John CHESNEY Jr, surety Samuel DOGAN & John CHESNEY Jr. [p 129] [William & Nancy’s son] 1821, May 9 – Joel OWENS to Patsey LANKFORD, consent of Walker LANKFORD, kinship not stated, wit. Chas WARREN & Jesse CHURCH, surety Jesse !
CHURCH [p 129] [son of David per Clay Co, Ind land doc. – Joel & Martha] 1828, Feb 26 – Luke W. WATKINS to Clara GRIFFIN, surety Augustus HADEN & Martin OWENS [p 191] 1829, Sept 17 – Walter W. OWSLEY s/o Ellsworth to Martha Ann HAYS, surety Charles HAYS [p 129] 1832, Apr 19 – Thomas BISHOP to Sarah CROW, surety Martin OWENS [p 015] 1836, Aug 18 – David C. MONTGOMERY to Jane COWAN, d/o Isaac, surety Martin OWENS, wit Jackson COWAN [p 114] 1836, Dec 23 – Joseph OWENS to Susannah HILL, surety Isaac HILL [p 129] 1837, Mar 27 – Wilson OWENS to Elizabeth McQUEARY, surety Humphrey McQUEARY & Thomas J. SMITH [p 129] 1838, Oct 4 – Josiah BEATIER to Kissiah EVANS, surety Martin OWENS [p 017] 1839, Aug 24 – Rene C HUTCHINSON, consent of Thomas HUTCHINSON, kinship not stated but of “Monticello, KY”, to Mary C OWENS, consent of John OWENS, kinship not stated, surety John S KENDRICK, wit. B. McBEATH [p 083] 1840, May 26 – Lewis PATTERSON to Kissiah OWENS d/o !
John, surety William MAYFIELD [p 135] 1843, Feb 1 – Thomas M!
Cindey FREEMAN, surety John OWINS [p 115] 1844, Dec 23 – Isaac G HAM to Rhoda Ann OWENS, d/o Martin, surety Martin OWENS [p 083] 1845, Jan 28 – Samuel SPENCER to Chine OWENS d/o surety; surety Matthew OWENS [p 164] 1846, Aug 26 – Jacob OWENS to Martha McDANIEL, consent of William McDANIEL, kinship not stated, surety Daniel McDANIEL [p 129] 1849, Apr 26 – Daniel McDANIEL to Ann SCHOOLCRAFT d/o Nancy, surety Jacob OWENS [p 124] 1849, June 13 – David OWENS to Martha HOPPER, surety James S. CASTLE [p 129] 1850, Apr 22 – Samuel R OWENS to Mary J NEWELL, surety Samuel NEWELL Jr [p 129] 1851, Dec 23 – Joel DAWS to Polly OWENS d/o Matthew, surety Daniel OWENS [p 049] 1852, Aug 3 – David D OWENS to Eliza S NEWELL d/o Nancy, surety Laten B PORCH [p 129] 1853, Feb 24 – Joseph M OWENS to Elizabeth CAMPBELL, surety John G. LAIR [p 129] 1853, Mar3 - James H ANDERSON to Ollef OWENS, surety John D. MARSEE, consent of father, John OWENS [p 006] 1854, July 28 – James H!
. BAKER to Sally Ann OWENS, surety William R. TARTER; consent of Wm OWENS, kinship not stated, wid by Thos MARSEE & W.R. TARTER [p023] 1857, Jan 22 – Jacob MARSHALL to Elizabeth OWENS, surety Daniel OWENS, surety bro. of bride, made oath their father (name not shown) consented [p 118] 1858, Dec 6 – David OWENS to Rebecca HAYS, surety William OWENS [p 129] 1859, July 8 – Franklin OWSLEY of Lincoln Co, KY, to Rebecca CAMPBELL, surety J. M. OWENS [p 129] 1861, Mar 25 – Martin H OWENS to Parmelia SADLER, surety S.W. BURTON [p 129] 1862, July 22 – Isaac LAY, 23yrs, parents born NC to Thankful OWENS, 17yrs parents born Wayne Co, KY, consent of mother Elizabeth OEN, surety Isaac BRANSCOM [p 109] 1862, Dec 31 – Madison OWENS, 22yrs b. Knox Co, KY, s/o Adam & Sarah both b. TN to Susannah J CLAUNCH, 19yrs d/o Josiah & Mary, surety James STEWART [p 129] 1863, May 4 – Martin H OWENS, 45yrs, b. Claborn Co, TN 2nd marriage s/o Matthew & Polly both b. VA, to Hannah GRAE!
R, 27yrs b. Germany d/o Christian & Phelia both b. Germany [p !

Board: Boards > Localities > North America > United States > States > Kentucky > Sandi Gorin's Kentucky Research Tips TIP #701 – KY TAX PAYERS 1789-1792 – MONG THROUGH PARKER http://boards.ancestry.com/localities.northam.usa.states.kentucky.tips/721/mb.ashx

OWEN: Brackett, Jefferson, 1789; Jacob, Jefferson, 1789; John, Jefferson, 1789.
OWENS: George, Jefferson, 1789; Harroway, Fayette, 1790 (2); John, Fayette, 1789; Joshua, Fayette, 1789; Owen, Fayette, 1790; Patrick, Fayette, 1790; Thos, Fayette, 1790; William, Nelson, 1792.
OWESLEY, Jonathan, Madison, 1789 (2).
OWINGS, George, Woodford, 1790.
OWINS, Joshua, Bourbon, 1791.
OWLEY: Christopher, Madison, 17889; David, Madison, 1789; Henry, Madison, 1789 (2); Michael, Madison, 1789; Peter, Madison, 1789 (2); William Jr, Madison, 1789; William Sr, Madison, 1789.
OWNLEY, James, Mercer, 1789; John, Mercer, 1789.
OWRIM, Samuel, Bourbon, 1791.
OWSLEY, Bowling William, Jefferson, 1789.
OWYNS, Rachal, Bourbon, 1791.

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