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From: "Hadland" <>
Subject: PRATLEY - Terry Pratley's reply to Carrie DUC
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1998 15:05:42 -0000

A few weeks back, Carrie DUC raised various queries about PRATLEYs that I
subsequently relayed to Terry PRATLEY of Finstock. His very comprehensive
reply, just received via paper mail, goes like this:

I have set out below the information I have assembled about the
Ascott-under-Wychwood PRATLEYs that are relevant to you. To put it simply, I
believe the ancestry of Charles PRATLEY is the same as that for Caroline as
they appear to be cousins.

Personally I descend from the marriage of William PRATLEY (born circa 1776)
to Elizabeth EDEN. William came from Leafield and there is obviously a
connection with your Thomas somewhere but we haven't found it yet. I can do
a tree for you if you wish and give you information about other early
PRATLEYS but it is better if I send this to you directly by post, if you are
interested, as I am not on the Internet and it would be a lot to send via
Tony. I am also interested in the descendants arising from your tree.

Terry Pratley
37 School Road, Finstock, Oxon OX7 3DN

The attachments is as follows:

Thomas Pratley and Elizabeth Ellen had the following children, all dates
applying to events at Ascott-under-Wychwood:

William bp 5-2-1764, bur 5-3-1832
Ann bp 18-5-1766
Elizabeth bp 25-12-1768
Sarah bp 2-6-1771
Martha bp 4-4-1774, bur 14-8-1813
Thomas bp 15-9-1776, bur 16-3-1827
Hannah bp 27-6-1779
Susannah bp 10-3-1782

William, Ann, Thomas and Susannah all married but I will only give details
of Thomas here.

Marriage by licence at Charlbury on 21-7-1798
Thomas PRATLEY (from Ascott)
Witnesses: James BAUGHAN, Elizabeth BINDEN (BURDEN)

Charlotte PRATTLEY bp 30-6-1800
Caroline PRATTLE bp 30-7-1802
both at Ascott

Following the death of Sarah, Thomas married again in 1804 to Jane SMITH (at
Ascott) but in the following years there are children born to Thomas and ANN
and Thomas and MARGARET. So I don't know exactly what happened. Maybe he
married again or it may be a different Thomas.

Meanwhile all the remaining daughters of the first Thomas and Elizabeth
ELLEN were having at least one illegitimate child each and I don't think any
of them married. We are interested in Martha who had:

Charles PRATTLE bp 27-3-1803 (Ascott) "illegal son of Martha"

As you know, Caroline married Charles and they had the following children:

Frederick PRATLEY (son of Charles (lab) and Caroline) bp 10-5-1829 at
Ascott, sponsors Thos TURNER, Phillip SMITH and Margaret PRATLEY
Emma PRATLEY bp 1-7-1832 at Ascott
Charles PRATLEY bp 9-8-1835 ditto
Caroline PRATLEY bp 26-4-1840 ditto
(Also Amelia PRATLEY was bp 23-101823 at Ascott but to Charles and
CHARLOTTE. This may have been an error or a different marriage after the
death of his wife Caroline aged 44 in 1844.)

Charles married again on 5-12-1848 at Ascott :
Charles PRATLEY (widower) (full age) (lab) (father not known) by banns to
Jane DAVIS (fa) (widow) (daughter of John WESTBURY (shepherd))
Witnesses: Edmund WIDDOWS, Fanny DAVIS

Presumably these are the parents of your James PRATLEY (bp Eastleach Martin
in 1855). This was in fact a year (almost) AFTER the death of Charles and
his burial at Ascott age 52 - the correct age to be Martha's son.

I have checked Ascott-under- Wychwood records for children of Charles and
Jane but can't find any there.

NB: Jane DAVIS was married as MARY Westbury to William DAVIES at Ascott on
16-10-1820. She "signed Jane" according to the register but there is a cross
by her name. She married with the "consent of her parents" so must have been
young. William was buried at Ascott 17-1-1847 aged 81! He was a widower when
he married Mary (Jane).


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