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Subject: RE: Abingdon Workhouse
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 11:12:16 -0000

Thanks Bob for the story on Hannah - this is why I like researching family
history - the real life stories are so interesting - it's not just a
question of dates and records!!! My interest in Hannah only came about
because she married a WHITE - and they are my ancestors. But, through noting
her early widowhood and the loss of her small daughters made me curious to
know more about her.
When I visited Marsh Baldon some time ago I did see some fairly recent
graves still bearing the name of ALLMOND. What I did wonder was why, in a
small community such as Marsh Baldon , were Hannah and her daughters left to
the mercy of the workhouse once she was widowed? Was there no one else to
help her out during this troubled period? Mind you, if she was a bit of
"rogue" maybe that's why both the ALLMONDS and WHITES deserted her!!!

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> Jane Montague wrote:
> > Can anyone help in finding out information about inmates of Abingdon
> > workhouse? I am particularly interested to find out more about Hannah
> > (Anna?) ALLMOND who married Richard WHITE from Marsh Baldon in 1835.
> > Richard died 2 years later leaving Hannah with 2 young daughters who
> ended
> > up in the workhouse. Elizabeth died aged 3 in 1840 in the workhouse and
> > Mary Ann died aged 10 months also in 1840.
> >
> > I would love to know more about the background to this family.
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> Jane,
> I can't tell you anything about Abingdon Workhouse. But, as it happens,
> I can tell you quite a lot about Hannah ALLMOND, including the fact that
> she got 9 months hard labour in 1866 for receiving stolen geese !!!
> But to begin at the beginning:
> Hannah's parents were John ALMOND and Esther HILLSDON who married in
> Kidlington on 4Mar1810. John was a sawyer.
> Hannah was born in Kidlington, but christened on 13Jan1811 in Toot
> Baldon, where her parents settled to raise a large family including:
> 1817 Mary
> 1819 Esther
> 1821 John
> 1823 Alfred
> 1825 Elizabeth
> 1827 Rhoda
> 1829 Richard
> 1831 Benjamin
> 1833 Sarah
> 1835 Joseph
> According to my notes, she marries Richard WHITE in Marsh Baldon on
> 11Mar1831.
> Your message quotes 1835 for their marriage, followed by the tragic
> sequence of births and deaths up until 1840. But this is a period of her
> life that I have not looked into.
> I pick up her story sometime after 1851, when she shacks up with a
> reasonably prosperous farmer's son called Frederick LYFORD, who is a
> married man, but had separated from his wife sometime before 1851.
> We know that, despite everything that's happened, they are still in
> touch and on good terms with the rest of Hannah's family because on
> 2Nov1863 Frederick LYFORD travels to Witney to be a witness at Hannah's
> younger sister Rhoda's wedding.
> But on 2Jan1866, both Frederick and Hannah (now both described as
> publicans) are tried at Oxford Quarter Sessions for "feloniously
> receiving three geese at Wheatley on the 29th November 1865 the property
> of Thomas Chapman".
> Interestingly, he is acquitted, but she is found guilty and sentenced to
> "imprisonment with hard labor for 9 calendar months in the House of
> Correction in Oxford".
> Clearly this does not harm their relationship however, as the 1871
> census shows them living together in Abingdon. Frederick is now
> described as a timber carter, and she describes herself as his wife,
> Hannah
> LYFORD, seamstress.
> Frederick dies in 1873, and only then does Hannah consider re-marriage.
> At the age of 64, she marries George YOUNG in Oxford on 29Jun1875,
> describing herself as Hannah LYFORD, widow.
> (Of course, she had never married Frederick as he was still technically
> married. But interestingly, his legal wife also finally remarried in
> 1874 the year after his death.)
> By 1881, Hannah had been widowed again, however, but had apparently now
> become a model of respectability. The census shows her (as Hannah YOUNG)
> working as a nurse to a rich old widow in Abingdon.
> And what is my interest in Hannah ALLMOND? None, directly, but I
> stumbled upon their court case in the Quarter Sessions when I was
> looking for a completely unrelated case involving one of my own black
> sheep (James MASCORD) a few months ago. I happened to recognise
> Frederick LYFORD as my wife's greatgreatgreatuncle.
> And now in a similar way, I happened to recognise Hannah ALLMOND's name
> in your email. But what's your interest in her?
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