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From: Stephanie Jenkins <>
Subject: Re: [OXF] occupation
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 10:46:59 +0100
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Dear Jenny

I expect the word is REGRATER.

Here is the dictionary definition:


1. One who regrates victuals or other commodities; a buyer-up for sale; a
retailer. Now chiefly Hist. or with reference to France.

[1301 Rolls of Parlt. I. 254/1 Agnes la Regratere..in pane venal. xvd. 1353
Act 27 Edw. III, c. 3 Les hostelers des herbergeries & autres Regraters de

1377 LANGL. P. Pl. B. III. 90 Of alle suche sellers syluer to take,..Ringes
or other ricchesse e regrateres to maynetene. Ibid. v. 226 Rose the
regratere was hir rite name. c1450 Merlin 168, I ne knowe nought of the
kynge that loueth tresoure, and is regrater and a wyssher. a1500 Iter
Camer. c. 19 in Acts Parl. Scot. (1844) I. 699 Of Regrataris..ai by gudis
befor e lauchfull hour. 1537 CROMWELL in Merriman Life & Lett. (1902) II.
75 The oversight..of forstalers and regraters..within the town of
Cambridge. 1592 Sc. Acts Parl. (1597) c. 148 Forasmeikle as sindry acts of
Parliament hes bene maid for punishment of fore-stallers and regraters
[etc.]. 1613 WELWOD Abridgem. Sea-Lawes 12 Against the forestallers,
regraters, and dearthers of corne, fish, drinke, fire-wood, victuals caried
ouer sea. 1642 ROGERS Naaman 257 The poore shall curse thee, Oh thou
regrater, Thou engrosser of corne, and raiser of prises. 1709-10 STEELE
Tatler No. 118 10 The Scarcity caused by Regraters of Bread-Corn. 1837
CARLYLE Fr. Rev. I. I. i, To them the great Sovereign is known mainly as
the great regrater of bread. 1870 Daily News 3 Sept. 6 A police
decree..preventing regraters from availing themselves of the extraordinary
measures taken to provide food for the city [Paris] to make famine prices
for their own profit.

fig. 1824 LANDOR Imag. Conv., Jas. I & Casaubon, He is..no forestaller and
regrater of manna from heaven, or of palms from paradise.

2. One who collects commodities from the producers and brings to market; a
middleman. (In current use (c1905) in south-western counties.)

1844 LD. BROUGHAM A. Lunel II. iii. 57 A middleman between the publisher
and the author, like a regrater between the hop-grower and the hop-merchant
or the brewer. 1865 Reader 26 Aug. 236/2 'Regraters' (as the Devon folk
call them..) travel round the villages, and buy up fowls, and cream, and
other delicacies.

fig. 1874 T. HARDY Far from Madding Crowd xxv, A sort of regrater of other
men's experiences of the glorious class.

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