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Subject: Re: [OXF] Re: Oxford Photographers
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2004 11:30:23 +0000
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Dear Howard

I am glad to see this idea taken up: thanks for your help.

Many of these portrait photographers also took scenic views, producing
their own postcards, so such a database will help date buildings as well as
people. Incidentally, the firm that produced the most Oxford postcards was
a national one, Frith's. I have just found this handy ready reckoner that
enables you to date a Frith's card by the number printed on each card:

I will send Stephen Rench a list of photographers in the High Street, as
this is very easy for me to do (I just searched for "Photographer" on my
High Street website). I will copy it below, in case it helps other people
on the list. Note that many of these photographers didn't just pack up:
they moved to other streets outside the High. Indeed Gillman & Soame is
still going strong today.

Bracher, Edward
1852-1863: 26 High Street
1863: sold the business to Wheeler & Day

Day, George P.
1875-1876+: 95 High Street (presumably breaking away from Wheeler & Day)

Gillman & Soame (incorporating Hill & Saunders):
1939-1970: 56 High Street

Guggenheim, J.W.
1866-1883: 56 High Street

Leslie, George (incorporating Gillman)
1934-1941: 55 High Street

Miller, John G.
1866-1875: 94 High Street

Penrose & Palmer
1921-1941: 50 High Street

Rose, William R.
1916-1964: 133 High Street

Soame, James (junior)
1889-1894: 56a High Street
1895-1909: 101 High Street
1909: shop demolished to make way for the Rhodes Building

Studio Edmark
1970-1976+: 130 High Street

Taunt, Henry
1854: Started at the age of 14 with Edward Bracher at 26 High Street
1863: Took over as manager when Bracher's business was sold to Wheeler & Day
1866: Took over a shop in Cornmarket, moving to 9-10 Broad Street in 1874
1894/5: 41 High Street
1896-1906: 34 High Street

Taylor, Norman
1918-1947: 107A High Street

Wheeler & Day
1866-1871: 106 High Street (bought Edward Bracher's business)
1872: Appears to have split into two separate businesses, with Wheeler
remaining here and Day moving into 95 High Street

Wheeler, William Henry
1872-1918: 106 High Street

Best wishes

At 07:08 20/02/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>During recent correspondence about Oxford's photographers, Stephanie Jenkins
>suggested it would be useful to produce a list of Oxford portrait
>photographers to help people date their old pictures, but she felt unable to
>take on the job herself: I mentioned the idea to Dr. Malcolm Graham, head of
>the Centre for Oxfordshire Studies (COS) in Oxford, and he feels this is
>something that COS could undertake, especially as COS holds the extensive
>Oxford Photographic Archive.
>Malcolm has asked his senior staff member Stephen Rench to collate available
>information on Oxford portrait photographers - when they were active and where
>they had their premises - with the aim of putting this on the web. If anyone
>on this List can contribute relevant information, please send it direct to
>Steve at
>The recent contributions from Stephanie and Chris Howes follow. COS has a
>copy of the book by Meryn L Smith listing Oxfordshire photographers.
>Howard Fuller,
>Steventon, near Oxford, UK
>(OFHS 2285)
>----- Original Message -----
>William Forshaw is listed at 57 St Giles Street from 1885 to 1905. (Another
>photographer, Ernest Charles Hall, then took over the
>57 St Giles Street was where Pusey House is now. And Alfred Street (in case
>you didn't know) is the present Pusey Street which runs along the side of
>Pusey Chapel. So Forshaw may well have had L-shaped premises stretching in
>behind around the corner.
>----- Original Message -----
>The association of Soame, Forshaw and Coles is known to me from a photograph
>of unknown date. I wonder if the spellings were unclear in your original, and
>if it could be these? They were at 10 St Alfred St, St Giles, an address used
>by a number of photographers over the years (as was 110 St Aldates).
>Photographs often seemed to join in collaborations, perhaps to share
>expenses in running a studio.
>A Frederick Smith worked at 31 George St from 1861-63. An Arthur John Smith
>worked in Summertown 1899-1910. An association of Smith and Hall was at 110 St
>Aldates in 1883 (but which Smith is unknown - or if it was another one
>William Forshaw was well known as a photographer. He was at 57 St Giles at an
>unknown date; at 10 St Alfred St 1872-1905, and 26 Banbury Rd from 1906-09.
>I have a single record of Francis Matthews at 110 St Aldates, in 1909. It
>doesn't mean he wasn't elsewhere later or before, but it seems unlikely - a
>reasonably good chance that this date is fairly exact for you.
>Stilliard & Banbury in Magdalen St fascinates me the most. The Banbury portion
>was a female, Louisa Jane nee SPRENT - very unusual at that time, the 1880s
>(this address seems to run 1883-88). Louisa was married into the influential
>Banbury family of Woodstock. There also seems a tie with the Stilliard studio
>in Southampton, from which place I have photos taken of the Banburys, but
>cannot find any means by which Louisa learned her craft or why she made this
>association - she was born in Guildford and only appears to have come to Oxon
>because of marriage. With John Banbury as a husband running a successful
>tailor's shop, she was not in need of financial support. One of those
>mysteries that will one day (perhaps) become clear.
>Chris Howes
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