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From: "Vincent E. Summers" <>
Subject: Chief One Star Bucks County 1930
Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2005 13:43:51 -0400

Well, guys, you're gonna love this one! A discovery from today!

Remember Ada (pain in the butt) URIAN?

Well she was connected, a bit later, with a Chief One Star.

Here is the history:

Funk's Park a.k.a Forrest Park [Chalfont, Bucks County, PA]


During the 1953 season, Frontiertown opened at the end of the
miniature railroad ride when it was extended across Pine Run Creek. It
featured buildings such as an old bottle shop made of bottles, a
barber shop, a dance hall, a fully-operating general store, the Silver
Dollar Bar (replete with a year-round liquor license and a wagon wheel
covered with actual silver dollars!), and a western-style restaurant.
Later Lusse added a facsimile of Fort Dearborn and hired Chief One
Star, a Cherokee Indian who lived on nearby Haycock Mountain, and
Chief Halftown, a local television personality, to appear at the fort.
Chief One Star's activities gradually increased until he was
entertaining groups of school children on a daily basis. The chief led
the children through Frontiertown and the park on hunts for
arrowheads, which were often found. He taught them how to identify
trees and recognize various animal footprints. He also contributed
many Indian artifacts for display at Frontiertown. And with twelve
male and female Indian suits, Chief One Star and his tribe even staged
mock holdups on the miniature railway.

So he was a coworker with Chief Halftown at one point! I just *loved*
Chief Halftown!
Didn't you?

Would you please check for Joseph, Chief One Star, if possible, for
1930 Bucks PA?

Vince Summers

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