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From: "Regina Nau" <>
Subject: RE: [PACEN] 1930 Chief Joseph One STAR Bucks PA
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 17:30:48 -0400
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I think I found a most interesting possibility

Bucks County, PA

Joseph E. Mayer, age 30 - PA-England(there is something written on top that
I can not read)-England
Ada May (or Mary), age 33 - PA-PA-PA
Claire, age 6 3/12 - PA-PA-PA

He worked on the RR doing Electrical work.

After finding this family I checked to see the age of Ada in the SSDI and
low and behold she was born in 1897 - making her 3 years older than Joseph
One Star. So I ask you is it a coincidence that the Joseph and Ada found in
Bucks County in 1930 are 3 years apart with Ada being 3 years old - or what?

I think this could be who you are looking for!
I'll send the image.....


>From: "Vincent E. Summers" <>
>Subject: [PACEN] 1930 Chief Joseph One STAR Bucks PA
>Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 13:19:00 -0400
>Chief Joseph One Star had to have been included in the census,
>somewhere, sometime. It is probably a near impossible task to
>find him with what little I know about him. However, just in case...
>He professed (and there is no reason to doubt it) to have been
>an Oklahoma Cherokee. His wife, Ada Mary URIAN, later was
>buried in Gloucester City, Camden County, NJ, as Ada M. One
>Star. SSDI lists her as Ada Onestar (one word).
>Joseph attended Carlisle Indian School, and that would have
>put him in Pennsylvania. During the later 1940's, he was in
>Blue Anchor, NJ. But likely for 1930, he would have been in
>Pennsylvania - most likely Bucks County.
>He lived: September 17, 1900 until August 19, 1957.
>At one point, perhaps in the 1950's, he lived in or near
>Haycock Mountain. With Ben SURKET possibly.
>My guess, then, as to how to find him, say for 1930, would be
>to search for someone:
>Born OK.
>Native American.
>Given Name: Joseph.
>Aged 29-30.
>Location: PA - Bucks
>If anyone can find him, it would be too, too much!
>Vince Summers
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