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Subject: [PA-Civil-War] Libby Prison Escapees continued
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003 08:32:14 EDT

Hayes, Edwin L., Lieutenant Coloney, 100th Ohio Infantry
Henry, John, Major 5th Ohio Cavalry
Higby, Edgar J., 2nd Lieutenenat, 33rd Ohio Infantry, Company C
Hinds, Henry H., 1st Lieutenant, 57th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company A
Hobart, Harrison C., Lieutenant Colonel, 21st Wisconsin Infantry
Hooper, J. Harris, Major, 15th Massachusetts Infantry
Irsch, Francis, Captain 45th New York Infantry, Company D
Johnson, Isaac, Engineer, USS Satellite
Johnston, I.N. Captain, 6th Kentucky Infantry, Company H
Jones, David, Captain, 1st Kentucky Infantry, Company D
Kendrick, W.P., Colonel, 3rd West Tennessee Cavalry
Lucas, John, Captain 5th Kentucky Infantry, company F
McCreery, Willilam B., Colonel, 21st Michigan Infantry
McDonald, Bedan, G, Major, 101st Ohio Infantry
McKean, Nineoch, 1st Lieutenant, 21st Illinois Infantry, Company H
Miles, David, Lieutenant Colonel, 79th Pennsylvania Infantry
Moore, McCaslin, Captain 29th Indiana Infantry, Company D
Moores, Archibald, 1st Lieutenant, 4th Kentucky Mounted Infantry, Company E
Moran, Frank, 2nd Lieutenant, 73rd New York Infantry, Company H
Morgan, Charles H, 1st Lieutenant Colonel, 84th Illinois Infantry
Mull, Daniel H., Captain, 73rd Indiana Infantry, Company A
Phelps, Ithamer D, Captain 73rd Indiana Infantry, Company K
Pierce, William P., Captain, 11th Kentucky Cavalry, Company A
Randall, Willima S.B., Captain 2nd Ohio Infantry, Company C
Randolph, Wallace, F., 1st Lieutenant, 5th US Artillery, Battery L
Ray, Thomas J, 1st Lieutenant, 49th Ohio Infantry, Company K
Reynolds, William, 1st Lieutenant, 73rd Indiana Infantry, Company K
Rogers, Andrew F., Lieutenant Colonel, 80th Illinois Infantry
Rose, Gottlieb C., Captain, 4th Missouri Cavalry, Company C
Rose, Thomas Ellwood, Colonel, 77th Pennsylvania Infantry
Rossman, William C., Captain, 3rd Ohio Infantry, Company F
Rowan, Charles E., Captain, 96th Illinois Infantry, Company F
Scearce, William W., Captain, 51st Indiana Infantry, Company K
Schroeders, Edgar, 2nd Lieutenant, 74th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company E
Schroedter, Hugo, 2nd Lieutenant, 82nd Illinois Infantry, Company F
Scott, Edward S., 2nd Lieutenant, 89th Ohio Infantry, Company G
Scudmore, Godwin, 1st Lieutenant, 80th Illinois Infantry, Company A
Seely, Horace B., 2nd Lieutenant, 86th New Youk Infantry, Company K
Simpson, John D, 1st Lieutenant, 10th Indiana Infantry, Company H
Small, Melville R., 1st Lieutenant, 6th Maryland Infantry, Company H
Smith, Edmond L, Captain 19th US Infantry, Company G
Spofford, John P., Lieutenant Colonel, 97th New Youk Infantry
Starr, George H., Captain, 104th New York Infantry, Company D
Sterling, John, 1st Lieutenant, 30th Indiana Infantry, Company A.

To be continued, Yvonne

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