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I wanted to pass along some information Barbara and I have come across
on Frederick Karper and his family of Letterkenny Township with a small
amount on some Letterkenny Reeds.

As a reminder for some of our listers: Barbara Snowberger, Andreas' wife
and such a driving force behind Snow Hill was a Karper before her

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I have a note from the 26 Aug 1847 issue that says

Frederick Reed -- Account of Frederick Karper and
William Reed.

I'm assuming that the account is a probate account.


1840 Census Letterkenny Twp., Franklin County, Pa.

pg. 337
FREDERICK REED, 2 males 5-10; 1 70-80; 1 female 10-15, 1 60-70

Next on page in order:
Joseph REED, 2 males 5-10, 1 10-15, 1 20-30;2 females under 5, 1 5-10, 1
10-15, 1 20-30 John BURKHART James KELL Jonathan REED 1 male 40-50; 1
female 5-10, 1 30-40, 1 40-50 Elizabeth BEALER Simon SHEARES Solomom
CREAMER Henry ROHRER Henry STOW WILLIAM REED, 1 male under 5, 1 30-40;1
female under 5, 1 5-10, 2 10-15, 1 15-20, 1 30-40

pg. 338
FREDERICK KARPER, 1 male 20-30, 1 50-60;1 female 10-15, 1 50-60


No Karpers in Franklin County by 1850 (Frederick was the only one in

1850 Franklin County, Pa. Census - Letterkenny Township

pg. 308
Simon REED, 25, Cooper
Bathsheba, 21
Isaac, 22

Pg. 309
Jonathan REED, 60, Cooper
Catherine, 60

Pg. 310
William REED, 56, Farmer
Sarah, 41
Emeline, 18
William, 12
Sarah, 10
Henrietta, 8
David, 5

A search for the surname Karper for all states in 1850 came up with 11

In South Woodbury Twp, Bedford Cty, Pa;

Pg. 234 (all born Pa.)

JOHN KARPER, 40, Farmer
Catherine, 38
Henry, 18
John, 4
Elizabeth, 12
Jane, 8

PHILLIP KARPER, 33, farmer
Hannah EMBERSON, 30
Andrew KARPER, 10
Eliza, 11
Samuel, 3
Adam, 16

In Fredericktown, Frederick Cty, MD.

Pg. 75
Samuel HICKS, 50, Black, Laborer (all born in MD)
Elizabeth, 50, Black
BARNEY KARPER, 50, Black, Laborer

ADAM KARPER and his wife Elizabeth living in DeKalb Cty, Indiana were
both born in Pa. but their children -- the oldest 16 -- were born in

PHILLIP KARPER living in St. Louis, Missouri was born in Germany.

WILLIAM KARPER of Adams County, Missouri was born in Maine
From: North Mountain Shadows and London Road History. Harry E.
Foreman, Chambersburg, Pa., 1952

Pg. 74
KARPER'S CEMETERY. This cemetery is located at the old Karper's Church
at Keefer's Store in Letterkenny Depot, between the two fences (!<g>).
This cemetery is believed to have been first used shortly after 1800.
Pg. 111 - North Mountain Shadows:

Apparently Karper's Church was closed "abruptly by the creation of the
Letterkenny Depot." Karper's was also known as "Zion".

And in a section on post offices and postmasters:

The office was re-opened in 1859 as Keefer's Store. Philip WEAVER and
George W. WESTHAVER were post masters. This office was closed April 18,
1864 and re-opened October 20, 1864 as Keefer's with William KARPER as
postmaster. It was discontinued February 9, 1871.

Keefer's was once again commissioned December 9, 1879 under Jacob
KARPER. Daniel G. HOOVER, was appointed March 10, 1882; Jacob A. KARPER
September 24, 1883; Joshua A. PHILIPPS, November 19, 1884; George W.
PALMER March 19, 1892; Harry B. MYERS, May 4, 1895; Silas A. CLIPPINGER
September 9, 1896; Jerome H. KEEFER, April 15, 1897; discontinued August
13, 1904.
pg. 112 - North Mountain Shadows:


Church services were held in North Hamilton or Bossart's School. Sunday
School was held here at a later date. These services were held prior to

Frederick KARPER deeded land for a church in 1828. The first
congregation was German Reformed and Lutheran. Rev BAUGHER held the
services in North Hamilton School. Church records state that Zion or
Keefer's Karper's was organized in 1839 by Rev. F. W. RAUHAUSER of

At an early date there were thirty members, eighteen Reformed and twelve
Lutherans. The German Reformed were mainly KEEFERs and at one time
there were forty-seven KEEFERs on the roll. At this time, the church
was generally referred to as Keefer's.

Later the church took the Karper name and was referred to as Karper's in
late years, although it was officially known on the records as Zion.

This church relied on a large neighborhood and was in a thriving
condition when the land was taken as part of Letterkenny Depot.

The remains of many early Keefer Valley residents repose in this

(Does anyone have access to these cemetery records. I noted on the same
page that there was a Martin family in the same area and find the
presence of both Martins and Karpers together interesting)
pg. 117 - North Mountain Shadows


Frederick KARPER (1789-1856) was the first Karper in the Keefer Store,
Letterkenny area. He owned the older Abraham ROBINSON, Abraham KEEFER
farms. Karper's Church and Cemetery was near the southwest corner of
this land. The farms known in 1942 as the Joseph BURKHOLDER and Charles
PALMER farms were the main parts of this old warrant.

Abraham KEEFER sold to Frederick KARPER in 1831 and in 1839. Frederick
KARPER sold to John KARPER in 1854. The old Karper farm passed to
Henry HUBER 1865, to John HUBER 1875, to Joseph BURKHOLDER 1907. Edward
BURKHOLDER owned the Karper's Church farm in 1942. A William KARPER
(1819-1893) appears on the rexords.

Mr. William H. KARPER and his brother, Ambrose, were well known land
owners of Letterkenny when the Letterkenny Depot was created. For
complete information on these early Letterkenny residents consult
members of their families." (cr--if only we could!)

(Does anyone know of a connection between the Keefers and the Karpers?)

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