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(1). BOROUGHS (as of 1990): Ashley, Avoca, Conyingham, Courtdale, Dallas,
Dupont, Duryea, Edwardsville, Exeter, Forty Fort, Freeland, Harvey's Lake,
Hazleton city, Hughestown, Jeddo, Kingston, Laflin, Larksville, Laurel Run,
Luzerne, Nanticoke city, Nescopeck, New Columbus, Nuangola, Penn Lake Park,
Pittston City, Plymouth, Pringle, Shickshinny, Sugar Notch, Swoyersville,
Warrior Run, West Hazleton, West Pittston, West Wyoming, White Haven,
Wilkes-Barre City, Wyoming, Yatesville.

(2) FORMATION: 1786 from Northumberland Co.
TOWNSHIPS (as of 1990): Bear Creek, Black Creek, Buck, Butler, Conyingham,
Dallas, Dennison, Dorrance, Exeter, Fairmount, Fairview, Foster, Franklin,
Hanover, Hazle, Hollenback, Hunlock, Huntington, Jackson, Jenkins, Kingston,
Lake, Lehman, Nescopeck, Newport, Pittston, Plains, Plymouth, Rice, Ross,
Salem, Slocum, Sugarloaf, Union, Wilkes-Barre, Wright.

(3) Register of Wills Office: The main office is located on the second
floor and can be reached by calling (570) 825-1668. Register of Wills
is Dorothy Stankovic. There is also a storage room in the
subbasement, which contains old birth, death, and marriage records.
To gain access to these records, contact a clerk in the main office
on the second floor. The following dockets relating to deaths can be
found in the subbasement (stored in extremely poor conditions:

Register of Deaths Book 1 1893-1899 A through H
Register of Deaths Book 1 1893-1899 I through R
Register of Deaths Book 1 1893-1899 S through Z

Register of Deaths Book 1 1900-1905 A through K
Register of Deaths Book 1 1900-1905 L through Z

These books do not contain an index. Records are arranged in
alphabetical order (somewhat) by surname. Records after 1905 are
maintained by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Division of
Vital Records. Visit
(4) The Recorder of Deeds Office maintains deeds and
mortgages for property as far back as 1787. Deeds from September
1993 to the present are computerized. All of these records are
located in one office, on the second floor, and it is handicapped
Courthouse is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. Some offices do not
open until 9, so you might want to start in the Prothonotory's office
on the 2nd floor. From there, you might visit the Register of Wills
and the Office of Deeds across the corridor, and then the marriage
licenses in the sub-basement (they close from 12-1 for lunch).

The Historical Society is open from 12 to 4 Tues. thru Fri and 10-4
Sat. There is a fee for non-members.

The Osterhout library is open until 5:30 Tue, Wed, Fri and Sat, and
till 9 on Mon and Thur. Parking is difficult, so you will probably
have to park in Boscov's parkade. They have city directories and
newspapers (from 1891 to the persent).

The Bureau of Mining Operations in the Stegmaier Building on
Market St, on the edge of the downtown area. I have not been there
recently, so have no idea what is there to be researched now. They
used to have mine maps.

The Wyoming Co. Hist. Soc. is a goldmine of information on and about
Luzerne Co. If you can get there, it might be worth the trip to Tunkhannock.
They have a web site for more information on their hours. Sherry Shiffer is
wonderful and does a great job.

Plymouth Hist. Soc. is also open for the season. I can't remember what
the hours are, but you can contact Georgetta (from the group) and ask
her to help you out with information on the society.

Wilkes-Barre City Cemetery records are in City Hall on Washington and
Market Sts. The records are on the 4th floor, Clerk of Courts office.
You have to ask for ALL of the records & they ARE alphabetized. You can then
cross check the lots and see who else is buried there with your family.
They won't copy the pages for you, so bring pencils.

There is also a library that is open until midnight on some nights that
has the census reels from 1790 through 1910. 1920 is missing. They also have
newspapers, but not local ones.

The Forty Fort Cemetery is open several mornings a week, but the
records are missing before 1875. Hollenback has great records. Mr. Richard
Thomas is the sexton there.

Evergreen Cemetery in the Back Mt. wants $25.00 per name to do a look
Mt. Greenwood Cemetery is taken care of by Ken and Donna who live at the
house at the cemetery across from St. Theresa's Parish on Pioneer Ave.
(5) According to the State Archives
have 4 rolls of microfilm with pre-1905 Luzerne birth
records, as well as the other items that I'm copying
below. If the film is available in Harrisburg, at
least some of it should be available in Wilkes-Barre
as well -- at the library perhaps, if not at the
courthouse. The more difficult issue is that many
people prior to 1905 didn't bother to register births,
but the state archives also has a roll of delayed
registrations. (You needed a birth certificate to
collect a pension in 1960 perhaps, so you had to prove
to the county that you were born there in 1883 & they
issued you a delayed certificate.)
(6) LUZERNE COUNTY holdings at the PA State Archives

Board of County Commissioners

Tax Assessment Records, 1803-1842 (see Wyoming County)

Tax Assessment Records for Kingston Township,
1809-1879. 4 rolls. (LR388)
Tax Assessment Records for Lehman Township, 1830-1858.
1 roll (LR387)

Recorder of Deeds

Deeds, 1787-1901. 155 rolls.
Index to Deeds, Grantees, 1787-1907. 9 rolls.
Index to Deeds, Grantors, 1787-1907. 10 rolls.
Index to Corporations and Firms, undated. 2 rolls.

Register of Wills and Clerk of the Orphans' Court

Birth Records, 1893-1905. 4 rolls.
Birth Registration Returns, 1895-1904. 9 rolls.
Death Records, 1893-1905. 3 rolls.
Delayed Birth Records, 1941-1968 (Births, 1877-1903).
1 roll.
Marriage License Dockets, 1885-1906. 16 rolls.
Orphans' Court Dockets, 1787-1905.
Index to Orphans' Court Dockets, 1787-1874.
(Above 2 series combined on a total of 5 rolls)
Register's Index, 1788-1875. 1 roll.
Wills, 1786-1905.
Index to Wills, 1786-1918.
(Above 2 series combined on a total of 13 rolls)
(7) The following dockets relating to births can be
found in the subbasement (stored in extremely poor conditions:

Register of Births 1893-1895 Book 1 A through H
Register of Births 1893-1895 Book 1 I through R
Register of Births 1893-1895 Book 1 S through Z

Register of Births 1895-1899 Book 2 A through K
Register of Births 1895-1899 Book 2 L through Z

Register of Births 1900-May, 1904 Book 3 A through K
Register of Births 1900-May, 1904 Book 3 L through Z

Register of Births 1904-1905 Book 4 A through K
Register of Births 1904-1905 Book 4 A through K

Register of Births No. 5 Act of July 16, 1941 A through K
Register of Births No. 5 Act of July 16, 1941 L through Z
Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association
Address: 7441 Allentown Blvd., Harrisburg, Pa. 17112
(Can help you find where your ancestors are buried)

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> Hi LIst
> Could anyone tell me when the earliest records are from Luzerne
> (Minooka/Scranton)...I was interested in death certificates from 1877,
1878 &
> 1898 or any birth certifiactes from back in the early 1860's & up from
> there...does anyone know???
> Thanks in advance
> Patti in NJ
> Searching Burke, Judge, Walsh, Gallagher, Hogan in Scranton/Minooka, PA
> (maternal)
> Fox, O'Shaughnessay in Newark, NJ (paternal)
> Finnis, Delaney, Callery in NY City & Brooklyn, NY (husbands)
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