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>(Part 5)
>CULBERTSON: Samuel Culbertson married Agnes, daughter of Robert Beaty.
>Culbertson’s daughter Jane married John Dennis. Culbertson probably lived
>Brandywine Township.
>CULLIN: Patrick Cullin was an inmate in 1765 and 1768.
>CUNNINGHAM: Robert Cunningham owned 69 acres in 1765 and was an inmate in
>1767. This land has not been located.
>DARRAH: Mark Darrah, wife Elizabeth, acquired tract 95 in 1812.
>DAVID: Jenkin David was listed on the tax lists beginning in 1715. He
>tract 72, having purchased it from David Lloyd. He died sometime before
>He had a daughter Martha and a son Evan. Evan David, wife Rachel,
>and sold tract 72.
> John David was on the tax lists beginning in 1715. He acquired tract 2
>David Lloyd in 1715. His wife was Elizabeth and they had 11 children, 10
>whom were mentioned by name in John David’s will of 1736.
> Hannah m. David Cadwalader, son of David
> Mary m. David John, ?son of Samuel
> Rachel m. Joshua John, son of Griffith
> John m. Hannah John, dt. of Griffith
> Elizabeth m. Jonathan Worrell
> Sibilla m1 Edward Williams m2. William Kirk
> Amos m1. Elizabeth Meredith m2. Agnes (Jones)
> Abigail unmarried
> Ruth m. Jacob Williams
> Daniel d. 1784
> Benjamin m. Hannah Davis, dt. of Samuel
> William Kirk was the son of Alphonsus and Abigail (Sharply) Kirk.
>Meredith was the daughter of John and Grace (Williams) Meredith. Amos
>second wife was a widow, Agnes (Jones) Brown.
> A 1792 deed lists the following heirs of John David:
> David and Rachel John
> Jacob and Rachel Williams
> Abigail Davis
> Timothy and Mary Kirk
> Thomas and Abigail Penrose
> Jesse and Lydia Voare
> Thomas Kirk
> John and Hannah Davis
> Joel Davis
> John Davis
> Elisha Davis
> Thomas and Ruth Mendenhall
> William and Grace Bennett
> Jesse Davis
> Amos Davis
> Isaac Davis
> Of these, Mary Kirk, Abigail Penrose and probably Lydia Voare were
>of David Cadwalader, Jr. Ruth Mendenhall and Grace Bennett were daughters
>Amos and Elizabeth (Meredith) Davis. Joel, Isaac and Elisha Davis were
>of Amos Davis, and Jesse and Amos Davis probably were also.
> There was a Hugh Davis who died at Uwchlan in 1743. He was perhaps a
>of John. Hugh’s will included a bequest to Elizabeth, widow of John Davis.
>Others named in Hugh’s will were his wife, Ann; Mary, wife of Hugh Pugh;
>Sarah, wife of Thomas Thomas; Dinah and Hugh, children of Richard Richards;
>Edward, son of Jonathan Jones of Merion; and Ruth, wife of David Jones.
> John David’s unmarried daughter, Abigail, left a will in 1795. She named
>following: brother Benjamin’s wife, Hannah, and children Mary, Elizabeth,
>Hannah and John; sister, Mary John, wife of David John, and their
>Elizabeth and Sarah; niece Elizabeth, wife of Jonathan Jones; and cousin
>Hannah Edwards.
> Thomas David acquired 400 acres (tracts 47, 48 and 49) from David Lloyd in
>1715. He died in 1722. Thomas David’s will, witnessed by Samuel John,
>John and Hugh Davis, named his wife, Elizabeth, his son-in-law and
>John and Mary Evans, and his grandson, Thomas Evans, a minor. He left “the
>plantation I now live on” to his grandson at age 21, the other 200 acres to
>John and Mary Evans. For his descendants see under John Evans.
> David Davis, named on tax lists beginning in 1718, probably owned tracts
>and 78. David Davis of Uwchlan died in 1742. His will named his wife,
>Margaret, and children Mary Watkin, Thomas Davis, Sarah Phipps and
>wife of Philip Davids or Davis. The will specified that Philip and
>were to care for Thomas Davis. This will was witnessed by Jonathan Pugh
>Awbry Roberts.
> Philip David’s will of 1776 named his wife, Elizabeth, and children David,
>Philip, Miles, Jerman and Sarah, wife of Myrick Davis. There was probably
>connection with the Jerman family. Philip David’s daughter, Sarah, was
>in the will of Walter Jesse, a relative of the Edward Goff who acquired
>Jerman’s land.
> In 1732 Philip Davis purchased 208 acres from Grace Lloyd. He disposed of
>acres but left the rest (tract 93) to his son Miles. Miles Davis, wife
>had a son Rowland Davis, who was a blacksmith in 1813.
> In 1762 David Davis, wife Elizabeth, sold tracts 77 and 78. This was
>probably the son of Philip David. This David Davis had children:
> James (or Jerman)
> Mary, m. John Adams of East Whiteland
> Elizabeth, m. Methusalah Davis, Nantmeal merchant
> Martha, m. Samuel Byers of Charlestown
> Isaac
>DAVIS: Aaron Davis married Deborah, daughter of Samuel Hibberd who owned
> Benjamin Davis was a freeman from 1765 to 1769 and was listed in 1798 with
>100 acres. This land has not been located.
> Daniel Davis was listed on the 1765-1774 tax lists with 100 acres. This
>has not been located.
> David Davis. See under DAVID.
> Edward Davis was a freeman in 1779.
> Elijah Davis, wife Rebeckah, owned part of tract 1 for a year or so prior
> Griffith Davis, wife Sarah, shoemaker-cordwainer, owned tract 49 from 1778
> Hezekiah Davis was a freeman in 1774.
> Hugh Davis. See under David.
> Israel Davis owned tract 77 about 1790.
> James Davis, along with Griffith Davis, owned tract 49 for a time. James,
>shoemaker, died before 1784.
> Jerman Davis was listed on tax lists form 1765 to 1769 with 50 acres.
>land has not been located but see under David.
> John Davis was a freeman from 1766 to 1769.
> Methusalah Davis owned tract 85 from 1812 to 1813. He married Elizabeth,
>daughter of David Davis.
> Miles Davis. See under Philip David.
> Rowland Davis. See under Philip David.
> Thomas Davis acquired a mill on the Brandywine next to tract 52 in 1791.
>1809 he acquired tract 83.
>DENNIS: John Dennis left a will in Uwchlan in 1758. He named his wife Jane
>and her father, Samuel Culbertson.
>DENNY: William Denny, wife Margaret, left a will in 1784. He named
> Hannah
> Samuel
> Sarah
> Margaret
> Rebecca
> Rachel
> David (m. Elizabeth)
> James
> William (a tanner, m. Martha)
> William Denny’s will also named a grandson, William Denny Craig. One of
>daughters married John Culbertson. Members of the Denny family owned tracts
>99, 100 and 101.
>DENSON: George Denson was a freeman in 1766.
>DILLING: William Dilling was an inmate in 1779.
>DILLON: William Dillon was listed on the 1774 tax list with 90 acres. This
>land has not been located. He was lsited as an inmate in 1779 and was in
>Uwchlan as late as 1785.
>DILWORTH: Caleb Dilworth, wife Elizabeth, acquired tract 90 in 1819 and
>half to Taylor Dilworth, son of John Dilworth. Caleb later reacquired the
>half and sold tract 90 in 1836.
>DINSY: John Dinsy was a freeman in 1765.
>DOLBY: Thomas Dolby married Sarah Beaty, daughter of Robert Beaty, and
>inherited tract 69 and land in Vincent from Robert Beaty. A Nathan Dolby
>a freeman in 1774.
>DONALLY: James Donally was an inmate in 1765.
>DONOVAN: John Donovan was named in a deed for tract 52.
>DOWLIN: John Dowlin, wife Elizabeth, collier and ironmaster, acquired tract
>in 1801 and tracts 40, 50 and part of 38 in 1816. He sold tract 50 to his
>William in 1824. John Dowlin died about 1846. William Dowlin acquired
>41 in 1843 and tract 36 in 1847. Jacob Dowlin, perhaps another son,
>tract 37 in 1846.

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