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From: malinda <>
Subject: Re: Manor of Moreland
Date: Sun, 05 Aug 2001 12:53:45 -0500
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WOW....What a fabulous site ! Just chock full of information of early life.

Thanks you happen to know if there's a similar one for Carroll's
Manor ? That's where my Douthit's were.

Thanks again...........~malinda

Sandra Ferguson wrote:

> Can anyone tell me something about the Manor of Moreland ?
> I had an early Moreland line in VA...maybe here too ???
> Here 'tis, Malinda:
> It was named for its first owner Dr. Nicholas More, a London
> physician who became the first Chief Justice of Pennsylvania.
> The Manor of Moreland was the only one of William Penn's manors not
> allocated to a family member, but to Dr. Nicholas More in return for "one
> silver English shilling for every 100 acres annually forever" - which lasted
> until the American Revolution.
> This is a site that will tell you "all you wanted to know about Manor of
> Moreland, but were afraid to ask"!
> Sandra

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