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Subject: Re: Rinhart Family of East Coventry
Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2002 13:06:20 -0500
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Here is Abraham, mentioned in Martin Urner's will......daughter Mary,
mentioned in the will, was married to David Reinhart, of Md.

URNER, MARTIN. Coventry.
May 5, 1798. June 18, 1799.
To eldest son Martin part of my plantation whereon I live [des],
containing 87 acres, reserving a tract out of the same, containing 80
perches, to George Price and John Bough in trust for the use of a
school and meeting place for the Religious Society called the first day
Baptists "of which Society I am a member." To youngest son Jonas the
remainder of my plantation, containing 140 acres, he paying to my
daughter Mary Rinehart £200 and to daughter Elizabeth Titloe £400.
Executors: Son Jonas, Friend John Rinehart. No record of letters.
Wit: Rudolph Herey (Hervy?), Martin Rinehart, Abraham Rinehart.

I'll include only other wills that mention tne name Abraham Reinhart;

RINEHART, OWEN. Coventry. August 6, 1817.
Abraham Rinehart, administrator.

RINEHART, FREDERICK. Coventry. February 4, 1820.
Abraham Rinehart, administrator.

other mentions of Reinhart;
DUNKEL, PETER, Greenwich.
November 23, 1793 - January 10, 1794
Provides for wife Catharine.
To eldest son John £20, having already advanced him.
To 3 sons, Peter, Jacob and Michael, the plantation where I now live
containing 332 acres, and all personal estate to be equally divided,
they paying to each of my 4 daus., viz: Catharine REINHART, Elisabeth
SEIDLER, Eve LEYBY (LEIBY) and Rosina LEYBE £150.
Share of dau. Catharine to be in trust during lifetime of her husband,
Exrs: Jacob LEYBE, Jr. and Peter LEYBE, Jr.
Wits: Christopher SONTAG, Jacob ARNOLD and Philip GEHR.

May 3, 1820. June 8, 1820.
Provides for wife Elizabeth.
Real & personal estate to be sold and rem. divided in 9 equal shares:
one each to Matthias, Esther, wife of Abraham Zublin, Peter, Elizabeth,
wife of Benjamin Harley, Martin, Hannah, Mary, one share to children of
son Owen, December'd., viz: Oliver, Ephraim, and Reuben, and the
remianing share to my executors in trust for use of dau. Salomy, wife
of Rowland Crouse. Executors: Friends Abraham Rinehart and Daniel
Urner. Wits: George Prise, Isaac Reinhart, Jacob Ecker.

city of Philadelphia;
DUBOY, ABRAHAM. City of Philadelphia. March 20, 1748/9. March 29,
1748. J.89.
Brother-in-Law: Henrick Reinhart. Poor of the Congregation. Friends:
Alexander Mackshall, Peter Baker, John Frick. Exec: Peter Grauling.
Witnesses: Christopher Saur, George Baltzer Gantz.

Phil. co;
REINHART, MARTIN. Southwark, Co. of Phila. Yeoman. June 27, 1778.
August 10, 1778. R.81.
Wife: Maria Sarah. Children: John, Nicholas, Peter, Eisenmenger,
Christian, William, Mary, Susanna, Elizabeth, Maria Sarah, Catharine.
Exec: Maria Sarah Reinhart, George Wack.
Wit: Felix Fenner, Ay. Seyfert.

REINHART, GEORGE. City of Phila. Chapman.
September 10, 1793. November 27, 1793. W.648.
Wife: Eve. Children: [names not given].
Exec: Lawrence Seckel, Isaac Pennington.
Wit: Benjamin Griner, Frederick Beates.

REINHART, GEORGE V. Philadelphia. Coach Painter. January 21, 1822.
March 6, 1822. 7.449.
Estate to my friends: Lewis Rush, Israel Roberts in trust for my
daughter: Mary Magdalen Germyre wife of Jacob Germyre and after her
death, to my granddaughter: Maria Louisa Germyre and the other children
of said daughter. Exec: Lewis Rush, Israel Roberts.
Witnesses: Jacob Wolf, Humphrey Atherton.

Martin Urner was the originator of the Coventry Brethernn's Church, and
in the past I have posted a lot on both the church and the name...I suggest
you visit the archives to read the "stuff" short, 3 Urner brothers
emigrated from Uri, in Switzerland,the sons of Uriah Urner. They were John,
Martin and Jacob. They probably came over about 1708 and were here for sure
by 1712. John died unmarried in 1743 and was the first person buired in the
Brethern graveyard of Coventry. Martin ,Urner and his wife were 2 of the
first 6 people ever baptized by the Brethren in this country, in the
Wissahickon, at Philadelphis, in 1723. In 1724 he moved to coventry and
organized the Coverntry church over which he presided till his death in
1755(he is also buried there). The third brother, Jacob, settled originally
in Pottsgrove twp, near Ringing Hill, in Montgomery co, and died young in
1744. His daughter Eizabeth married Jacob Fricks.

I have the following Rineharts in my records:

Abraham and Catherine (?) Rinehart (married by 1798)'
--two of their children were:
--1. John Rinehart (25 Nov 1798 - 30 Jan 1880 (or 1882)
marr. Susan Halderman (3 Oct 1803 - 23 Jul 1880 ) both bur. E.
Coventry Menn. Cem.
(dau. of Samuel and Magdalena (Wanger) Halderman
--2. Rebecca Rinehart (10 Mar 1807 - 26 Sep 1893)
marr. John W. Halderman (3 Jan 1799 - 18 Feb 1882) (brother of Susan
(both also buried E. Coventry Men. Cem.)
> -I also have a John Rinehart (who was born in early to mid 1700s) who
> married Hannah Frick, daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth (Urner) Frick, also
> East Coventry. I don't have the connections, but I wouldn't be surprised
> Abraham was a son of John and Hannah (Frick) Rinehart.
> The Rineharts were not Mennonite. They may have been Church of the
> You might find more on them in Montgomery County records. I would like to
> know more about them, so remember me if you find some answers. There was a
> historian/genealogist named Wanger who did a lot of work with the Coventry
> families and I think his papers are at the Montgomery Co. Genealogical
> Society in Norristown.

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