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Thanks for the info, especially that for Gerhard Brumbach! Your
account of his coming, marriage,offspring, etc. agree with all the info I
have been able to learn about him, except for one thing and that has been a
mystery to many of us. Do you have a source for his arrival on the "Conrad
in 1683"? Other sources say it was the ship "Concord" arriving 10/6/1683.
The problem is he is not named as a passenger on that ship, or any other
known docking,plus or minus 2 years. So How did he get here? I'm hoping
you are right in the ship name of "Conrad". It is not one I have seen
My theory has always been, and it is only a theory, goes like this. Prior
to 1700, emigrants walked off the ship and no one much cared or bothered to
register them in any way. It was not required. We know of the group of
"33 plus two infants born at sea from Crefeld" because they were a group and
it is their recording of names of members of their group that we know who
they were. It is also written that Gerhard joined the group ( I assume he
joined them in voyage or after arrival" and was one of "41 Germans who
established the village of Germantown, building many of the houses there.
He lived in the "second oldest house" in Germantown.
I have always felt he was a passenger on the "Concord" and that if we
could find a reference to a passenger list developed in Europe by the
organizers of that voyage we would see his name as a paid member. If anyone
has suggestions on how to find such a list please advise . The capacity of
the "Concord" was a great deal more than 33 people and it made other stops
in American ports. I can imagine that people formed liasons on board ship
and perhaps got off at ports other than their original destination if they
thought that presented a better opportunity. Again, this is only a theory,
but we do know he was not of the 33, but was of the 41 who settled
Other facts about Gerhard raise questions. He was born in 1661 or 62;
got here in 1683 at age 21, but supposedly did not marry until 1716 when he
was 54 or 55 and Mary Rittenhouse Papen was just 21. Was he single all
those years or was she possibly a second wife?

Thanks again for your input, lets keep in touch.


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> The Brownback family was a vital part of the village of Linfield. It
> originated with a man named Gerhard Brumbach, born Wurtenburg, Germany
> 1661. It is written that he ported aboard the ship Conrad in 1683. He
> settled in Germantown where he met and married Mary Rittenhouse Papen. The
> couple had six children: Benjamin, Henry, Elizabeth, Mary, Anna, and
> Catherine.
> Gerhard anglized to Garret Brownback. He purchased land in Coventry
> where the first Reform church of Chester County was organized in 1743
> as Brownback's German Reform.
> Henry Brownback, second son of Gerhard and Mary married Magdaline Paul.
> Their children were John, Peter, Benjamin, Hannah and Susan. From John
> descended James and his son Peter March Brownback who were excutive
> of the March-Brownback Stove Company of Linfield.
> From Peter descended Garrett E. who built his Lindield creamery business
> into a small fortune and constructed the Brownback mansion still located
> within the village of Linfield today. His brothers Jacob and Penrose, also
> known a P.W. operated the Brownback and Company store in Linfield.
> James, the son of William and Eliza (Wilson) Brownback farmed with his
> father and taught school. In 1857 he married Ella S. March also of Chester
> County. They sold the farm and moved to Linfield in 1867 and James
> fourth interest in the March, Sisler and Co. stove foundry.
> In 1872 James with the company of William March and J. Keeley of
> purchased the Dauphin Furnace in Dauphin County.
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