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We have several new members and hope they will post their names, along with
appropriate dates and what they hope to discover.


I looked in the area wills, and these are the earliest Mercer and Brown ones
that contain your names .....
MERCER, THOMAS. Thornbury.
March 17, 1715. September 13, 1716. A. 40.Provides for wife Mary. To eldest
son Thomas after wifes decease or marriage, my new dwelling plantation
containing my estate 238 acres. To son Thomas, son Daniel 1/2 of 500 acres
of land in Marlborough which lieth next to Nathl Newlins land. To son Joseph
the other 1/2 said 500 acres whereon son Thomas now lives. To my 3
daughters, viz Mary, Elizabeth and Ann, £20 each. To sons in law Wm. Pennil,
Joseph Woodward and Joshua Peirce one pistole each. Remainder of moveables
to wife and son Thomas. Executors: wife Mary. Witnesses: Francis Pullen,
Thomas Pierson, Rose Pierson.

BROWN, JAMES. Nottingham.

November 15, 1715. 1/l/1715/6. A. 30.To sons William Brown, Jeremiah Brown
and daughter Margary Pigot, to grandchild James, son of William, Patience
and Jeremiah, children of Jeremiah, and Margary Pigot daughter of Margary
and John Pigot £5 each when 21. To son Daniel the lott of land between
Dorsons and Robert Williams containing 500 acres. To daughter Mary Brown £20
at 20. To wife Honor and son James all my estate paying the above legacies
also executors. Nothing to be done or disposed of without the consent of
Mercer Brown and son Jeremiah Brown. Witnesses: James Wright, Wm. Howell and
John Bruss.

(while looking through various books, etc, I came upon the name Mercer
Brown, surely a descendant. He was listed as a court justice, for the year
in 1877) Mercer Brown lived in Nottingham.

frrom EARLY COURT RECORDS 1697-1710;

1699/1700 George Peare adknowledged a deed to Thomas Mercer for 238 acres of
land lying in the twp of Thornbury the deed bearing the date 12th day 1st
Mo, 1600/1700

Wm Brown was summoned to appear on a grand jury, 1699 and in 7th Mo, 1701.

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Subject: [PaOldC] Thomas & Ann Mercer

> Descendants of Thomas Mercer
> First Generation
> 1. Thomas Mercer was born in Andover, Wiltshire, England/Wiltshire Co.,
> England
> and died in 1694 in Chester Co., PA.
> General Notes: Pennsylvania Vital Records, Volume 1, "Catalogue of 87
> Friends, ye have died in Pennsylvania since the First Settlement, read
> at Yearly
> Meeting 1709"
> page 43--Thomas Mercer of Andover, County Wilts, England arrived in
> and died 1694. His daughter, Ann Mercer (married William Browne) came with
> her father and received testimony for Truth after her arrival, buried in
> 1696
> Thomas married Mary (---?---) , daughter of ____________ ____________ and
> ____________ ____________ . Mary was born in England.
> Children from this marriage were:
> Ann Mercer was born in Andover, Wiltshire, England/Wiltshire Co.,
> England and died about 1696 in Chester Co., PA.
> Ann married William Brown (b. 29 March 1658, d. 23 August 1746) on
> 1 December 1684 in Chester Mtg., Chester Co., PA.
> General Notes: History of Chester County, Pennsylvania
> by J. Smith Futhey & Gilbert Cope
> Page 488--BROWN--there are many different families bearing this name of
> which the descendants of James and William Browne of Nottingham, are
> perhaps the most numerous. According to the evidence discovered by the
> Henry Armitt Brown, Esq., of Philadelphia, they were the sons of Richard
> Mary Brown of Puddington, near Wellingboro, Northamptonshire. The father
> died 9, 28, 1662 and of his eight children, James was born 3, 27, 1656 and
> William 1, 29, 1658. James married at Burlington, NJ 6, 8, 1679 to Honor,
> daughter of William Clayton of Chichester, where he [James Brown] also
> settled
> at first, His children were James, b. at Marcus Hook, 1, 17, 1681;
> William, b 1,
> 13, 1682; Clayton, b8, 1, 1685; Jeremiah, Margery, Daniel and Mary.
> William Brown was married in England to Dorothy_____, and his eldest son,
> Joseph, was born there 4, 12, 1682. In 1684, he married a second wife, Ann
> Mercer; and in 1699 a third wife, Catherine Williams and in 1711 a
> fourth wife,
> Mary Mathews. Traditions says that William Browne cut the first tree in
> settlement of Nottingham and it is known that the first Friend's Meeting
> there
> was held at his house. His son, Mercer (or Messer) Brown, was a justice of
> Common Pleas and a useful citizen.
> William Brown, son of James, married Esther Yardley, of Bucks County and
> had children: William, a noted minister; Margaret, married John Churchman
> [Jr.]; James and Daniel. Of these, James married Miriam Churchman, was
> also a minister and died in Wilmington 3, 4, 1772. His son Elijah, born
> 3, 12,
> 1740, removed to Philadelphia in 1757 and was one of the Friends exiled to
> Virginia in 1777. He married in 1761 Mary Armitt, and died 8, 27, 1810.
> great-grandson, Henry Armitt Brown, the gifted writer and orator, died
> August
> 21, 1878 in the prime of life and with the prospect of a brilliant
> future before
> him.
> History of Cecil County, Maryland
> by George Johnston
> page 160--The Browns, before spoken of, were noted as well for their zeal
> ministers as for their interprise and industry. The mill on North East
> Creek,
> known as Hurford's Mill, was built by them; and one of the sons of James
> Brown, who married and lived near the Principia iron works, had an
> interest in
> them as early as 1718, in which year he died. In 1751 six of the Brown
> family,
> four men and two women, were ministers of Nottingham Mtg. A substantial
> stone house built about a mile southwest of the Brick Meetinghouse and is
> occupied by the descendants of John Churchman, one of whom intermarried
> with a descendant of Messer Brown.
> Concord Monthly Meeting Records, Chester Co., PA
> 8 6mo (August) 1684--William Brown granted certificate to Chester Meeting
> marry Ann Mercer.
> 8 3mo (May) 1699--William Brown granted certificate to Philadelphia
> Meeting to
> marry Catherine Williams.
> 9 8mo (October) 1704--Will Brown [Jr.] granted certificate to Falls
> Meeting in
> Bucks Co., PA to marry Esther Yardley.
> 9 2mo (April) 1705--William Brown and family was in Nottingham, where a
> meeting had been established at his house.
> 10 7mo (September) 1711--William Brown, of Nottingham, granted
> certificate to
> Chester Meeting to Mary Matthews
> Passengers and Ships Prior to 1684, Compiled by Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr.
> 1985
> page 55--Ship Bristol Factor, Roger Drew, master
> William Browne shipped 4 cwt. nails, 4 cwt. wrough iron, 120 goods cotton,
> cwt. gunpowder, 13/4 cwt. cheese, 11/4 cwt. cordage, 11 cwt. lead shot,
> 56 lbs
> brass manufactured, 28 lbs wrought pewter, 170 ells English made linen, 2
> small saddles, 48 lbs serges, 2 Spanish cloths, 2 dozen & 4 pair woolen
> stockings, 1 firkin butter, 1/8 pt of a chalder grindstone, 2 bags & 1
> wearing apparel, 1lb English thrown silk, 28 lbs haberdashery wares, 9
> parcels
> of several sorts of wares valued at 14 pounds 0 shillings & 0 pence
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