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Subject: Re: MORRISON, Hugh - -- James GRAHAM m Mary MILLER
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Hi Anna,

I don't know much about John Miller, since I only received the will of John
Moore recently and haven't had much time to research him yet. I knew from
some earlier Whitehill research that Abigail Miller was the daughter of John
and Esther Miller of Pequea (Salisbury Twp.) in Lancaster County and that
she had married James Bradshaw Whitehill (b. 1/1/1725, d. 12/26/1757) and
that they had three children. She married John Culbertson 2/2/1764 at the
Forks of the Brandywine Presbyterian Church. John Culbertson names the
children in his will. They are Margaret, John and Jane Whitehill. Jane
married Col. Andrew Boyd, his father was Rev. Adam Boyd and Jane Craighead.
The Craighead information is freely available at the family history archive

John Miller supposedly had three children: John, Mary and Abigail. There
may have been more, but I haven't gotten that far yet. Mary married James
Graham, Abigail married James Whitehill and John may have married Margaret
Craighead, daughter of Thomas and Margaret Craighead. A John Miller esq.
was an overseer of the will of Adam Boyd of Sadsbury in 1768. Abigail is
also mentioned in the will of James Whitehill (James' father was married to
1) Ann Bradshaw and 2) Rachal Cresswell of Oxford Twp, both are buried in
Pequea Cemetery) as his daughter in law Abigail Culbertson and he leaves her
5 shillings.

I do have a note in my notebook that reads: "John Culbertson of East Caln
Twp. Chester County applies for a warrant for 500 acres adjoining his own
land and the late John Miller's, James Thomson and Robert Whitehill in
Salisbury Twp., Lancaster County" It was undated and, I am ashamed to say
this, I can't find the original reference, but I know I have it.

I have found various references to John Miller in the Pequea, Salisbury and
East Caln area, but I haven't had time to follow up. I would really like to
find something on him, because if I do that I will probably find my Moore

If I find anything more definitive, I will certainly post it, along with the
will of John Moore and Jame Whitehill. I haven't found one for John Miller
yet, but I don't think on exists. I know this isn't helpful, but as I said,
I've only just started.

By the way, do you know who Michael Graham is who married Elizabeth Smith
and is he related to the rest of the Graham's in W. Nantmeal?


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> Kathryn,
> the following statement in your message intrigues me: "The other person
> who witnessed John STEENs will was James GRAHAM. James GRAHAM was married
> to Mary MILLER, another daughter of John MILLER"
> I am descended from James and Mary (Miller) GRAHAM, but have been nable to
> locate proof of her ancestry. Where can I learn more about her MILLER
> family? Did they live in West Nantmeal or in Lancaster Co?
> Anna Brown
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>> Subject: MORRISON, Hugh
>> I would like to thank everyone who responded to my query about Hugh
> MORRISON. I too have found out some information in the meantime and post
> it here in case it can help someone else.
>> Hugh MORRISON was one of several brothers who came over from Ireland
> around1730 with their father James.
>> I also have a will of John MOORE of Lebanon Twp., Lancaster County dated
> 1729, in which he leaves 25 Pounds to his eldest brother Sampson MOORE,
> and
> his plantation to Thomas MORRISON and John MILLER of Pequea. John is also
> listed as a non resident land owner in the 1924 tax list for Pequea. John
> MILLER was married to Esther MOORE and I believe Thomas MORRISON was
> probably married to another MOORE sister. It is also believed that the
> Sampson named in the will is the Sampson MOORE who is later found in East
> Nottingham. John MILLER lived in Pequea, but owned land that staddled
> Lancaster and Chester Counties. He also deeded an acre of land to St.
> John's Episcopal Church in 1753. His daughter was Abigail, who married 1)
> James Bradshaw WHITEHILL and 2) John CULBERTSON of East Caln.
>> In 1749, Hugh (Morrison) witnessed the will of John STEEN. It also
> mentions his brother in law John MOORE, married to Jane STEEN, son of
> Guyan
> MOORE. I don't think there is any connection between these Guyan MOORE
> and
> my MOORES though. The other person who witnessed John STEENs will was
> James GRAHAM. James GRAHAM was married to Mary MILLER, another daughter
> of
> John MILLER. Besides witnessing the will, I found Hugh MORRISON listed in
> the 1765 and 1766 tax for West Nantmeal, and in 1767 a James MORRISON was
> listed as a freeman.
>> This may mean something to the New London MORRISON's: in 1725 a Hugh
> MORRISON requested leave to settle on the upper part of Octoraro and in
> 1726/7 bought land west of Robert FINNEY, near Octoraro. In 1745, a Hugh
> MORRISON has a warranty for 180 acres in Lancaster County. Perhaps this
> Hugh was the father of Alexander MORRISON of New London.
>> Thanks again for all the help. I hope this isn't too confusing.
>> Kathryn
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