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From: "Mal Humes" <>
Subject: [PaOldC] Knox, Gillespie, McIlvane
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2007 17:03:28 -0500

I got a kick out of this site because the page there came up when I searched
on "Andrew Knox" and it cites a will from mid 18th century in Ireland. Also
on the same page are references to Raphoe in Ireland.

There is also a variation of a spelling on George Gillespie though the one
that someone asked about was likely associated with Head of Christiana/White
Clay Creek Church in Delaware which serviced Cecil County and parts of
Chester County). And I recognize Cowan as a surname found in MD and
Lancaster and found the McIlvane/McElwain will there of possible interest to
PA familes also.

M'KLEWAINE, James of Dunclea, parish of Taboyne, Co. Donegal. Dated 15th
September 1731, proved 11th of July 1732 at Raphoe.
Sons James M'Klewaine, Joseph M'Klewaine, John M'Klewaine, Thomas M'Klweaine
and Joseph BREDIN. Son Mathew. Son Robert M'Klewaine to have a legacy of £20
if he returns to this Kingdom. Wife Elizabeth. Dau Martha (unmarried). Debts
owing to testator by John DAVIS of Magavlin and John COWAN of Londonderry.
Executors: Sons James and Joseph M'Klewaine and John COLHOUN junior of
Overseer: John COLHOUN senior of Cornacannon.
Witnesses: Matthew PINKERTON, James PINKERTON, Thomas WILSON.

I found it looking for Andrew Knox refernces becuase of an Andrew Knox
citation in anotehr Irish will on teh same page.

315 VAUGHAN, GEORGE,- Buncranagh, Co. Donegal. (Registry of Deeds abstract)
23 June 1753. Precis 1 1/2 p. 23 Nov. 1763.
Nephew Basil BROOKE, Esq., Gustavus BROOKE, nephew of testator, brother of
said Basil Brooke.
George, Lord Archbishop of Armagh, Primate of all Ireland, William, Bishop
of Derry, the Bishop of Clogher, the Bishop of Raphoe, Edward, Bishop of
Elphin, Joseph, Bishop of Kilmore, Henry, Bishop of Meath, St. George
Caulfield, Esq., Lord Chief Justice of H.M. Court of King's Bench, Henry
SINGLETON, Lord Chief Justice of H.M. Court of Common Pleas, Rev. Thos.
BARNARD, clerk, rector of Magheral,
Rev. Edward GOLDING, clerk, Archdeacon of Diocese of Derry, Rev. Richard
LEAKE of Londonderry, Anthony FOSTER, Dublin, Esq., and Andrew KNOX, Prehen,
Co. Londonderry, Esq., trustees. His estates in Co. Fermanagh and all other
Witnesses: Henry BARTLY and Thomas BARTLY both of BUNCRANAGH, smiths, George
GILLASPHY, Buncranagh, wheelwright, Rev. Richard LESLIE, Londonderry, Edward
GILLASPHY the younger, Buncranagh, yeoman.
Memorial witnessed by: Thos. BARTLY, Richd. COWEN, Lifford, Co. Donegal,
Gustavus Brooke (seal)
221, 432, 148461

This George Gillasphy is obviously to late to have been the son of the Rev.
George Gillespie, but sometimes when I find 3 or 4 points of possible
interest on a page like this I feel it's worth sharing. Here's aomse info on
Rev. Gillespie:

Rev. George Gillespie (1683-1760)

"He was born in 1683, in the town of Glasgow, and educated in the University
there. He was licensed by Glasgow Presbytery, early in 1712, and came to New
England in the Spring. He first settled at Woodbridge. He was ordained May
28th, 1713, having received a call from the people of White Clay Creek. Red
Clay, Lower Brandywine and Elk River, besides White Clay, seem to have
formed his charge for several years. He is siad to have organized the
congregation of the Head of Christiana, and he served it till his death,
which occurred January 2d, 1760. Mr. Gillespie was zealous for the interests
of the Church, and was remarkably punctual in attendance on Presbytery and
Synod. "

I have a book on that church that I hope to scan someday. Along with New
Castle this was one of the first places early Scots-Irish settlers would
have landed as they prepared for migrations west past Lancaster.

Also, a Google search on: "Andrew Knox" raphoe

will turn up some info on Andrew Knox, the Bishop of Raphoe in Ireland in
mid 17th century.

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