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Subject: Re: [PITTSBURGH] Leech Farm Hospital
Date: Mon, 8 May 2006 21:53:17 EDT

Hi, Leech Farm was a TB hospital until at least 1929-30. My father stayed
there for a few years as a child and he was born in 1922. . The hospital is
no more. There is a juvenile detention facility there, the name of which
escapes me. The hospital was located on the hillside above Washington
Boulevard. Washington Boulevard may be found by following Fifth Avenue until its
eastern end. At the point where Fifth Avenue ends, Washington Boulevard begins.
There is still a road up to the Leech Farm area, but it is blocked off. I
have not been able to figure out who, if anyone, would have records from the
hospital. It may have been run by Allegheny County. Since the juvenile
detention facility is county-run, I can only surmise that they have owned the
land for many years. But that is speculation. I will be happy to let you
know if I find any further information about Leech Farm. My father relates
that the patients slept outside on sleeping porches. Fresh air was the
treatment of that day. Lorraine Caplan

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