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Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 07:25:02 EST

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> Hi Karen,
> I saw your posting on the PA-Quakers-rootsweb site. Your mention of the
> Carter Family interests me.
> According to undocumented information I have, a Hannah Carter (born abt.
> 1692) married Stephen Harlan, Sr. (born abt. 1697).
> Stephen Harlan, Sr., was the son of Michael Harlan and Dinah Dixon.
> Hannah and Stephen's son, Stephen Harlan, Jr., (b. abt. 1723) married
> Deborah Woodward. They had a daughter Deborah Harlan abt. 1764.
> I believe I am descended from this line through Deobrah Harlan and Moses
> Windle, then Lewis Windle and Mary Strode, then Priscilla Eleanor Windle,
> my great, great, grandmother.
> I am wondering if you have any information on the Carter Family that
> would document any of the information I have.
> Thanks for your help.
> Sally Jo Wright
> Newark, DE

Dear Sally Jo,

I have two Hannah Carters in my database at this time. Neither of them is
your Hannah. My information about my Carters, for the most part, either came
from Thomas Maxwell Potts' "Bi-centennial Memorial of Jeremiah Carter Who Came
to the Province of Pennsylvania in 1682," or information from Potts' book led
me to other sources.

Lucky for you, in an attempt to sort out other Carter lines who lived in the
area from Jeremiah's family, the first chapter of his book discusses other
Carter families. One of them is your Hannah's family.

At the beginning of the Potts' Bi-centennial book, he discusses other Carter
families who lived in the same area that Jeremiah Carter lived in. I think he
lists your Hannah.

He has Edward and Mary (unknown) Carter. Edward, carpenter, came to PA in
1682, from the Parish of Bampton, Oxfordshire, England. He purchased 250 acres
in Aston Township, Chester Co., Province of PA, from Wm. Penn before leaving
England. At first he lived in Chichester Township, Chester Co., PA, but later
moved to his property in Aston Township. He was quite an active and
influential member of the community, but I failed to take notes on the notes Potts made
on him (given that he was not in my Carter family).
According to Edward's will, Robert Carter was his only son and heir.
Robert married Lydia Walley and they had six children, including your Hannah
(b. 22, 12 mo. 1691 which when converted to a named month date under the old
calendar would be Feb. 22, 1690/1691). Potts reports that your Hannah married
Stephen Harlan on 26, 7 mo. 1723 which converts to Sept. 26, 1723, under the
old calendar.
I copied a list of all of Robert's children: (1) Prudence, b. 6, 11
mo. 1689; m. Caleb Pusey, Jr., 5, 9 mo. 1712; (2) John, b. 8, 4 mo. 1691; d.
21, 2 mo. 1693; (3) your Hannah; (4) Lydia, m. Joseph Coeburn, Jr., 22, 3 mo.,
1718; (5) John, m. Isabell Atkinson -- 3 mo 1716; (6) Mary.
As I recollect, Potts wrote a good deal about your Hannah Carter's
grandfather Edward and some about her father Robert. Since they were not of my
line, I did not take copious notes on them. I read a microfilm copy of the
book at the LDS Family History Center in Salt Lake City. I'm sure you can borrow
a copy of the microfilm very inexpensively from the LDS Family History Center
nearest to you. They charge for shipping the film to the center from Salt
Lake and they require you to read the film on their readers at their history
centers -- i.e., the film cannot leave the history center. If you've never used
them before, you can look up any LDS (Morman) church in your phone book and
call the church to find out where the closest Family History Center is to you.
I've always found the people who volunteer to work at the centers very

In the interest of helping you separate your Hannah's family from my
family which includes two Hannahs that lived in Chester County about the same
time as your Hannah lived there, I have made a brief history of mine below.
Unfortunately, I don't know much about either of my Hannahs -- probably due, to
some extent, to the fact that they were females and didn't get reported much
in histories!

Jeremiah Carter, weaver, and his wife Mary (unknown) settled in Chester Co.,
PA, in 1682 (like your Edward). I don't know what part of England he was
from, but one of the other Carter family heads in the area (Joseph Carter) who
seems to be related to Jeremiah's family came from Cheshire England. Jeremiah
and Mary Carter had six children including my first Hannah. The land they lived
on was pretty extensive and was known as Carterville. Their property butted
up again Aston Township where your Edward, Robert, and Hannah lived. (There's
a little map in the book of the Jeremiah (Jeremy) Carter property.)

Following are brief summaries of the six children of Jeremiah and Mary:

(1) Lydia Carter who inherited land from Robert and Lydia Wade with whom Wm.
Penn stayed when he first came to PA and whose home Jeremiah Carter eventually
purchased. It was in this home that the first Quaker Meeting in Pennsylvania
was held and where some of the early planning for organizing the government
of William Penn's province were made. The home was called Essex House. There
is an historical plaque in Chester at the site where the homestead stood; the
house is no longer there. The Meeting which met at the home of Robert Wade
(later Jeremiah Carter's family estate) became the Chester Quaker Meeting.
It is interesting to note that your Carter family may have been
related to Robert and Lydia in that one of them had a niece whose maiden name was
Carter. However, now I cannot remember which Carter family in Chester County
(one that was not Jeremiah's family) she was connected to. I think it may have
been yours, perhaps your Hannah's sister Lydia. (Another name duplication
between our two families!)

(2) Sarah Carter who married Thomas Barnard on March 13, 1722/23. Potts got
this information from the Chester Meeting minutes, along with information from
earlier minutes that reported their intentions to marry and the
investigations conducted on their eligibility to marry by the meeting. They had four
children. Sarah married second Benjamin Weldon on Feb. 13, 1734/35 as reported in
Chichester Meeting minutes. Potts reports no children for them.

(3) Hannah Carter who married Thomas Morgan on May 17, 1722. Potts includes
Chester Monthly meeting records about Thomas' and Hannah's declarations of
their intention to marry, their investigation by Friends as to eligibility to
marry, and their marriage (which includes the list of people who attended the
wedding). However, little other information on Hannah is mentioned. Potts does
not specify whether Hannah died or possibly divorced Thomas before he
remarried on Feb. 17, 1730/31, to Elizabeth Key. Because her father mentions neither
Hannah nor children of Hannah in his will, Potts presumes that she had no

(4) Edward Carter who married Mary Camm on Nov. 4, 1731, as reported in
Chester Meeting minutes. Potts reports no dates for Mary. Edward, he reports, was
born before 1700 and died in 1777. Jeremiah conveyed his 250 acres he and
his wife Mary acquired via their right to purchase land from the Penns to Edward
on July 2, 1716; Edward Carter, weaver, sold it to John Guy, yeoman, and his
wife Isabel for 25 pounds. He purchased 50 acres from Thomas Baldwin on April
18, 1719, and inherited 50 acres from his sister Lydia when she died (the 50
acres given to her by the Wades). They apparently did not have children.

(5) Ninevah Carter who married Mary Clayton on June 3, 1731, as per
Chichester Meeting minutes. Potts reports Ninevah was born before 1700. His will was
signed in 1753 and proved in 1757, so we can conclude he died between the date
he signed the will and the date it was proved. Potts states Mary was born on
October 08, 1710, and died after 1758. Jeremiah and Mary conveyed 88 acres
of land to Ninevah on November 29-30, 1731. This land was part of 215 acres
Jeremiah and Mary had purchased from Henry Worley in 1702. On March 27-28,
1733, Ninevah sold the property to Joseph Parker for 110 pounds. Potts found
Friends meeting records showing them moving from Chester Meeting to Concord
Meeting in 1732, from Concord to Buckinham Meeting in 1745, and from Buckingham
Meeting back to Concord Meeting in 1753. Ninevah and Sarah had 5 children: Mary,
Jeremiah, Hannah (my second Hannah), Deborah, and Martin. (FYI, I have almost
NO information on this second Hannah.)

(6) Abraham Carter was born on July 01, 1700, in Chester Co., PA, and died
abt. 1789. He married Lydia Clayton, sister of Mary Clayton who married his
brother Ninevah. Lydia was born on June 04, 1716, in Chichester Township, and
died on April 09, 1796.
Abraham inherited half of Jeremiah's estate (Essex House which
Jeremiah bought from Robert Wade) and his mother the other half while she was living.
Upon the death of his mother, he inherited the second half. Lydia Clayton
had been disowned by the Friends on April 04, 1737, when she married her first
husband, John Spruce, Jr., with whom she had no children. John Spruce died
shortly after Lydia and he wed. On Dec. 31, 1739, Abraham acknowledged marrying
out of meeting, but he must not have been disowned since he was disowned in
1764 for a breach of discipline. (Potts does not specify what the breach was.)
I don't know if Lydia rejoined the Friends after her marriage to Abraham,
but if she did, perhaps that is why Abraham was not removed for marrying out of
meeting. Abraham and Lydia had five children: William, Edward, Agnes, Joseph,
and Daniel.

I hope you find this information useful. . . or, at least, interesting!

Your uncousin,
Karen Carter
Minneapolis, MN

P.S. Do you have Windle relatives in Newark? Knew a Windle from there in the

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