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Subject: American Revolution Patriot John Hartman
Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 12:44:04 EDT

Dear List

We would appreciate it if someone on the list could help us discover the
history of our ancestor John Hartman, who was a Patriot in the American Revolution.

Recently, I found out that my ancestor John Hartman of Northampton County,
Pennsylvania was a Partriot in the American Revolution. He was on the tax list
-- 1772 -- Northampton County, and we would like to learn more about his time
in the militia. The following are references that were found among John
Hartman's descendant, however, this is all that was found, no details other then what
you see.

Pennsylvania/Archives 5th series, volume 1, Page 4....shows John Hartman on
Committee of Chosen, December 21, 1774 (What does that mean?)

ibid....Pages 376-488 and on Muster Rolls of Associators and Militia of
Northampton County, Pennsylvania

ibid...2nd Series, Vol. 14, Page 544..."muster out 4 January 1781" per
statement of Harry C. Hartman, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

. John Hartman is listed on the Daughters of the American Revolution's
Patriot index as follows:

Birth: PA Circa 1755
Service: PA
Rank: Sol
Death: PA 1799
Patriot Pensioned: No Widow: No
Children Pensioned: No Heirs Pensioned: No
Spouse: Magdalina Ritter
Spouse: Margaret Ritter

Would any one on the list know how we can learn more about John Hartman's
service; his regiment and where they fought (defended); where he enlisted (and
when) and where he mustered out?

Thank you,
Mary Boudreau

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