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Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 12:50:32 EST

Columbia Hospital was located in Wilkinsburg Pa. Associated with The
Presbyterian Church, on Penn Ave. A new building was built across Penn Ave. years
later.. The Pittsburgh Hospital and Columbia Hospital joined to make the Forbes
Health System and another hospital was built in Monroeviille . The old
Pittsburgh Hospital became a hospice. The old Columbia became a nursing care center.
The newer hospital on Penn Ave was closed about 10 years ago.
I trained at Columbia Hospital many years ago. Working nearly 40 yrs in the
Pittsburgh area as an ER/trauma RN. I started my career at Columbia Hospital
which was a fine community hospital that was non profit thus provided better
care for all.

In the early 60s a new highway was introduced into our area called the
Parkway, linking Monroeville to downtown Pittsburgh. Columbia Emergency room became
one of the busiest ERs in the city because of the proximity to the Parkway
and the Squirrel Hill tunnels. There were numerous accidents many severe.
Over the passed years several Health Care Systems have been organized.. UPMC
(Presbyterian Hospital in Oakland) now have combined Braddock, St. Margaret,
Magee, Childrens, Montefiore, Eye&Ear, Western Psychiatric, Mckeesport,
SouthSide, Passavant and othe rehab centers, retirement and long term care centers to
made the UPMC Health System...

Mercy Hospital , West Penn Hospital, and Shadyside Hospital are not under
this umbrella of hospital associations.

We in the Pittsburgh area are extremely fortunate to be in a great area for
medical care. The research continues here in Pittsburgh to help find ways to
make life alittle easier for all Remember the Salk Vaccine,
micro-neurosurgery, even Mr. Yuk was founded in Pittsburgh now nation wide to help prevent
poisoning of children. much cancer research. heart transplants began here..let
s all be proud of our medical community and don't think that as was said that
hospitals at butchers shops .. What would we do without them. Nothing is

Now in my retirement I hesitate to relocate to an area that may not provide
the medical advantages that are here in the Pittsburgh area..

Stay Healthy

Mary Gibson

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