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From: Valentine Hompoth <>
Subject: Re: Rebecca Street/ALGEO
Date: Thu, 1 May 1997 22:49:41 -0400

At 04:32 PM 5/1/97 -0700, you wrote:
>> The ward numbers for
>> Allegheny City when annexed are 22,23,24,25,26,
>> and 27 to the best of my knowledge. These are now
>> the North Side wards of the city of Pittsburgh.
>> Joan
Joan and everyone,

I have the 1870 Census for Pittsburgh at the LDS library on loan. I'm hoping
you can tell me what to do.

The name I am researching is Poppenger aka Popinger,Poppinger,
Poppenhaeger. John Henry(23) and wife Philomene (Metzgar)(18) and son
William (1) are in the 1860 census. I know that my Great Great Grandfather
John Poppenger was born in 1865 in Pittsburgh, but there is no mention from
what I have seen in the 1870 Census. I've had two other people look at
different copies of the census and they can't find him either. In an obit it
says that John Henry lived in Old Manchester district for 4 years then moved
to Northside where he resided for 52 years. I have yet to be able to find
him other than the 1860 census. I even checked just for Philomene, thinking
that maybe he went outside of Pittsburgh for work (he was a blacksmith) or
that he could have been a prisoner during the Civil War and returned later.
But there was no mention of her either.

I am completely stumped. Any thoughts as to what I could do. I have the
address of where he lived in Northside. I'm not sure where to write for
information regarding land (it was a residential area) and property
ownership records.

He was suposedly married at St. Pauls Evangelical Lutheran Church, I wrote
the two in Pittsburgh last fall but had no reply.

Betty in Canada

Researching Poppinger(Poppenger, Poppenhaeger) Hyatt, Vernier, Morris,
Hooker and Hompoth


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