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Here are the WYLIE's from my ARMSTRONG CO database.
See anything?

Tom Nagy

WYLIE, Barbara A.1940
WYLIE, CharlotteUnknown
WYLIE, Cora Alice18741948
WYLIE, Derek Thomas
WYLIE, Edith M. nee unknown18751949
WYLIE, Frank C.Unknown
WYLIE, Gloria Jean1949
WYLIE, Hannah nee unknownUnknown
WYLIE, Harry
WYLIE, Harry Melvin18861894
WYLIE, Helen Elizabeth1909
WYLIE, James Boyd18801949
WYLIE, James Boyd1920
WYLIE, James Lawrence
WYLIE, JohnUnknown
WYLIE, John Hall18721942
WYLIE, Kristen Lynn
WYLIE, Laura Belle18701943
WYLIE, Lucille 1914
WYLIE, Mary Ann Nunamaker12 Nov 181506 Nov 1869
WYLIE, Mary Dorothy1913
WYLIE, Mary Louevah18691869
WYLIE, Matthew James
WYLIE, Maude 1878 Unknown
WYLIE, Melissa Sue
WYLIE, Nannie Blanche18751948
WYLIE, Pearl Janet Leard19161929
WYLIE, R. L.Unknown
WYLIE, Robin Elizabeth
WYLIE, Samuel Eugene1950
WYLIE, Thomas Edward
WYLIE, Wanda LeeUnknown
WYLIE, William 1844 1907
WYLIE, William Edward18691950
WYLIE, William Harry1911
WYLIE, William James1944

> Hi everyone, I think I got my big brake in finding my ggg grandmother,
> Rebecca Wylie, line. I ordered a will of Samuel Wylie of Mifflin town in
> Allegheny Co, PA dated 18 Oct 1813 and proven 26 Mar 1814.
> It has his wife D. Wylie sister to Samuel Hutchison (:-) I love it, thanks
> Samuel) ,
> sons Samuel, Moses, James Oliver and John,
> daughters Rebeckah, Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary and Margaret.
> Mentions a Mary Kirkpatrick, his daughter ???
> Exec of will Andrew Finney and son Samuel Wylie,
> witnesses Adam Boyd and Thomas Hazelton
> Okay does anyone know anything on this line, I will keep my fingers
> crossed!!
> I have notes on a Samuel Wylie born 1754 Lancaster Co PA marr Florence
> Huthinson child (more I am sure) Mary who married Nathaniel Kirkpatrick
> and a Samuel who marr a Mary Patterson
> Sounds like my guy but what is with his wife's name ??? D. or Florence ??
> Looking at the will there is a squiggle next and above the D., kind of like
> this D.~ , like the shortcut you see for the name Samuel and William and
> Robert etc Got any ideas??
> I have been going over his will, proven on 26 Mar 1814 in Alleghany Co, PA
> with a fine tooth comb and here is a ref that I find very interesting.
> Item, it is like wise my will that if the Carolina hiers shall com forward
> demanding their share of the place I sold paseton (??past on ??) which
> contained 161 acers at Eight dollers & 66 3/4 cents per acer, if they com
> proveing themselvs to be the Rail. it my will then that my four sons John,
> Samuel, and Moses and James discarge that debt each one paying an equel
> part except John he haveing paid me one hundred and sixty dollers towards
> what property I wild him..................
> Item, it is my will that if the Caroline hiers do ___ come forward within
> ten yares that my four sons shall pay unto their sisters to each one eight
> dollers the at the same time them giving a refunding bond ingaging to pay
> back the some if the legale haiers shall ever com.
> Caroline/ Carolina heirs ?????????
> Rail heirs ????????
> what is this all about???
> Is this a connection between my PA Wylies and the South Caroline Wylies???


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