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From: David Murray <>
Subject: [PAALLEGH-L] Family History Centers
Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 21:15:41 -0400
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Clare is correct in saying that members of the Church that
volunteer their time to work in the Family History Centers do not "Pester"
those who stop in to do research to join the church. (We're way too busy
helping folks like you find your family members) However, as one who gives
up one night a week to assist patrons in my local Family History Center I
am more then happy to answer questions (which I receive a lot of)
concerning the Church and its obsession with genealogy. So never be afraid
to ask questions!
Also...Trust me Clare, if the Church only funded their geneaolgy
work with the money it saves by not paying taxes (which I am sure is what
you ment with your editorial) it would only be a mere shawdow of what you
see and enjoy the use of today. it is only thru the faithful tithing and
countless hours of work, which is given freely by its members, that so much
information is available to EVERYONE. No strings attached!
I currently have a friend who is serving a two year mission for the
Church doing geneaolgy work in London. She is restoring and micro filming
World War I military records. Some of these documents may help you find a
long lost family member someday. She, like thousnds of other Mormons
around the world, is giving up two years of her life, and supporting
herself simply for the love of this work, and to share this information
with anyone who can use it. The only thing that your "TAX DOLLARS"
contributed to was the round trip plane ticket which the Church bought for
her. The rest is up to her, and the same goes for anyone who serves a
mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
(More then slight editorial comment)


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