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Subject: [PAALLEGH-L] 1870's - Children's Deaths - Why?
Date: Sat, 17 May 1997 00:40:51, -0500

While reading a new cemetery record that was so graciously
provided for me by Jerry Reiner of Pgh.
I noticed that the family recorded lost two children within months of
each other in the year 1871. I also recalled that within that same
family group a little two year old girl died in 1875. I realize that
the mortality rate was much lower for children back then but I
wondered if there was some kind of an illness or epidemic that might
have caused more deaths than usual.

I think it would be interesting if we could all share the
reasons that our ancestors died over the years so that we might be
able to trace a pattern to the causes for deaths that occurred in
Allegheny Co.

I have several death records that I got from the city/county bldg.
In January 1885 the causes of death that were prominent were
diptheria, typhoid fever, and pneumonia.

I hope this message doesn't sound too morbid. As a mother I was
just touched by the deaths of
my ancestors' children, one being my grandmother's little sister, and
wondered about the sorrows that
saddened them and shaped their lives.

Carol in WV
Searching for Hastings, Tencate, Roy, Stewart, Branyan, Donley - Pgh
and Allegheny City, PA

Tencate and Calloway - Devon, Dorset and
Channel Islands


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