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Subject: Re: [PAALLEGH-L] PA Delayed Birth Certificates
Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 14:33:49 -0400


According to a member of the staff of the Registrar of Wills in Washington Co.,
delayed birth registrations were caused by a need of people, whose birth had
never been recorded, to produce proof of their birth date. Since most people
didn't have a driver's license (and that wasn't really proof of anything in the
earliest days), the only proof of age would be to furnish evidence of school
attendance at an early age. Hence, in order to prove your age for, say, Social
Security, you would have to furnish school or church evidence (baptisms, school
registration) to the Registrar of Wills so that your birth could be registered,
late or delayed. My experience was limited, evidently, because the only thing I
received was the date of birth and parents names. Now, if you could find or
access the info USED for the Delayed Birth Certificate, I would imagine that it
could point you in the right direction if little was known of the person
registered, such as the school or church that would also contain records of
possible siblings. I have a feeling that you'll never find these records
because, once a person was registered officially, there would be little reason
to save the information. Only the Feds think that they should record everything
about anybody or anything. That's Uncle Big Brother for you, using your tax
money in the way they deem most efficient?

Al Lenkner

Therese Dillman wrote:

> Hi Rooters!
> I have tried to get an answer by calling a few numbers in New Castle but no
> has been able to help-perhaps one of you has had some experience in this
> area.
> Amongst various family members possessions I have come across 'Delayed Birth
> Certificates" issued by the state of PA in the 1940s. I presume these may
> have had something to do with either the WWII or Social Security??
> In the case of my great grandfather the form says:
> ****************************************************************************
> ******************************
> Prescribed Form-Perfect and Record in the Orphan's Court of Allegheny County
> , PA
> In Re Birth Record
> of Jacob Dillman
> No. ( Blank ) of 19
> To the honorable Judges of Said Court:
> The petition of Jacob Dillman to perfect and record a record of (his) birth
> not heretofore made a public record, in accordance with the act of July 16,
> 1941.....
> ****************************************************************************
> ******************************************************
> I wonder who keeps these records ...because the ones that I have found have
> opened doors to a wealth of information such as parents names and country of
> origin, how many siblings ( children of same mother) the person had, these
> are often signed or backed up by church records (so I've found parish
> affiliations) and they are signed by the person whose birth info is on the
> certificate ( a contemporary source) and witnesses who have known the person
> for a number of years. Also they recreate birth records for people who were
> born before the practice of registering births was required.( I have a
> delayed birth certificate for my Great grandmother who was born in 1878. )
> Any experts on getting PA delayed birth certificates out there? I don't see
> a blank on the PA Vital Records forms to order one and I hestitate to throw
> money away just for a response "Birth Certificate Not Found" when what I
> want is the " Delayed Birth Certificates" from the 1940s!
> Therese Dillman
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