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Subject: Re: [ALL] Agents records
Date: Tue, 2 May 2000 20:20:25 EDT

Actually, St. Mary School (Elementary, I believe) is open and doing well
- I pass it daily on Penn Avenue and 6th Street. I'm not sure when it was
"built" - but it connects to the old St. Mary's Lyceum, across from the
St. John Cantius School (at the foot of Ravine Street) closed it's doors
to students some time ago (I'd have to ask my mom - she went there). It was
still standing until the mid-80's, when a woman lost her brakes coming down
Ravine Street and went up the steps and into the front of the building. They
tore St. Johns' down and made it a parking lot for the church (it's the
orange brick one on the top of 6th street). St. Mary's church is still there
on Penn St. and is still operating for mass.
There are about 4 other churches in Sharpsburg, as well (2 Catholic(?), 1
Pentecost and 1 Southern Baptist)
If you went there while they were constructing Route 28 overpass, you must
remember the road that wound down from Sharpshill to Sharpsburg? We grew up
calling it "The Old Road" and if you look on maps -today- they still have it
connecting (although it actually is a pretty steep cliff now that drops about
100 yards onto Southbound 28).
I am 30 years old - my mother lived there since 1938 and she remembers the
floods, the "goat path" and "pig alley" quite fondly. She's not always
precise on dates, though, bless her heart. If I can ask her any information
for anyone, please let me know. She may remember a church that no longer
stands, or a market or something.
I wish everyone good luck in their searches!!
~ Sandy

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