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From: Helen Owens <>
Subject: Re: [ALL] City of St. Claire
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 11:07:46 -0500
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Hi Bryan, and all,
Thanks for the replies. Several of you have heard Arlington Heights,(Lower St.
Clair Boro) referred to as the City of St. Clair. Does anyone have written
information or knowledge that it was actually a city as Pennsylvania classifies
a city or was it just what people called it. HELEN L>

Szafranski, Bryan wrote:

> Hmmm....Al, correct me if I'm worng, but wasn't the City of St. Claire what
> is now the Arlington Heights area of Pittsburgh? I seem to remember
> hearing/reading something to that effect, but I could be wrong.
> Bryan.
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> Subject: [ALL] City of St. Claire
> Listers,
> Have a cousin, whose father's birth certificate list his place of birth
> as City of St. Claire. The father when to school and married at St.
> Joseph Church of Mt. Oliver. I have never heard Lower St. Clair Boro
> referred to in this way. However, my husband tells me he heard my
> father say that several times. I have done a little research and so far
> found nothing. Has anyone on the list any information that would shed
> any light on this. The person was born in 1921and Lower St. Clair
> became a part of the city in Feb of1924 Helen L>
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