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Have you tried the McKeesport Heritage Center? They might have them.
Another place to look is the Elizabeth Twp. Historical Society. They have
the records for Volk's Undertakers and Willig's Funeral home. I think Volk's
records start around 1900 but check with them to make sure. Both were in
McKeesport and may have handled burials for St. Joseph's. You have to at
least know the year the person died for Volks Undertakers, I'm not sure
about Willigs.

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Subject: [ALL] Re: St. Joseph Cemetery records

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> >Who would have the records of old St. Joseph' Cemetery in McKeesport?
> Unfortunately no-one! Every time and everyone that I have inquiried has
> that they were burned in a fire at the old Parish house [St. Peter's,
> McKeesport --- now St. MArtin de Porres]
> BUT no-one seems to know exactly when that fire was and what has happened
> the records of burials after the fire!
> Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
> Cora
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