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Subject: [ALL] Long Ago
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July 25, 1941 McDonald Record-Outlook

Out of the Long Ago

Thirty-five Years Ago
July 20, 1906
Troy (Trey?) HUPP is playing center field for Clairton.
A team belonging to Lewis AHRNS of Hickory ran off with a wagon load of
hay. Mr. AHRNS and son Brady were thrown from the wagon but escaped serious
injury. The wagon was badly damaged.
The coal strata of the Pittsburgh vein in the neighborhood of Cross Creek
is 16 feet thick. This is the thickest vein so far discovered except the
vein on the Samuel FERGUS farm in North Strabane township owned by the
George Black heirs, which was found to be 18 feet thick.
Hugh DUNN of Midway informs us that he is 86 years old and has not yet lost
one of his teeth. They are all double and in good condition.
Deaths-Mrs. Thomas BUTTERWORTH, 62, and Charles HARVEY, 80, both of Midway:
M. H. J. MILDREN **, of Oakdale; Mrs. Louise EFT, 57, of Steubenville,
formerly of McDonald.

Thirty Years Ago
July 21, 1911
Field fires on the farms of the MCDONALD brothers at Primrose and the James
MEVEY near Sturgeon burned over a wide area of land.
Oil well No. 13 of the South Penn Oil Co. on the MEVEY farm was destroyed
by fire. Several fences were destroyed along with the derrick and the
engine house. The loss will amount to $1300.
George HEETER of Midway is working in the India (sic) oil fields.
Earl REMMERT is the new Bulger assistant railroad station agent. James
WALLACE has obtained employment in Sheraden.
John CUMMINS of Bulger is suffering with a very sore eye. A thistle
entered it while he was harvesting.

Twenty-five Years Ago
July 21, 1916
Daniel TOWNSEND, 85, a veteran of the Crimean and Civil wars, was killed by
a street car June 15 at Sturgeon.
Of the 528 persons who took the teachers examination in the county this
year, only 32 were men.
Emile RANK has been appointed postmaster at Sturgeon.
James JOHNSON sustained painful injury to a leg when he was thrown from an
automobile while rounding a sharp bend on the Noblestown road.
Private George J. GLASSER, 36, of Bulger was accidentally shot and killed
June 13 at Fort William McKINLEY, Manila, Philippine Islands. The body
arrived in Pittsburgh last week.
Charles SCHUMACHER of Sturgeon had his toes smashed by falling pipes at the
Chemical works.
Raymond G. ANDERSON, 28, died July 9 in his home in Kingsville, Ohio. Mrs.
L. E. MCNALL of Imperial is a sister.

Twenty Years Ago
July 22, 1921
Prof. W. L. MOORE, for eleven years superintendent of the Cecil township
schools, was elected supervising principal of the McDonald schools at a
special meeting of the board. He Succeeds Prof. N. G. __URKE. (I'm guessing
Miss Lula JUNES, money order clerk at the McDonald postoffice, has
resigned. Miss Nell STEVENSON, who was a clerk during the time that Joseph
J. JOHNEN served with the army in France, has been appointed to the
Canonsburg has purchased a ten-acre tract, south of Chartiers creek and
east of the borough, for park purposes at a cost of $7,704.
John WILSON, for 36 years superintendent of Oak Spring cemetery,
Canonsburg, was killed while blasting a roadway through a new part of the
cemetery. A charge of dynamite exploded unexpectedly and WILSON was hurled
30 feet. He is well known in Midway, having worked there for seven years.
Jack LIGER of Sturgeon has gone to Spokane, Wash., where he has obtained
G. W. HENDERSON of Primrose lost a valuable horse when another horse kicked
it, breaking its legs.
Deaths-Lulu WARMEN, 11, of Imperial; Ernest F. MULL, of Oakdale; Mrs.
Artman CADOUL, 70, of Sturgeon; H. LINDLEY, 70, of Claysville, father of A.
J. LINDLEY of McDonald.

Fifteen Years Ago
July 23, 1926
MacDonald WEAVER of Canonsburg, a former McDonald school music teacher, was
severely cut and his car was almost demolished in a collision with a truck.
One of the Pittsburgh Coal Co. ____ at Imperial is being used as a church
for the Colored folk.
Miss Esther Marie SPEER of Noblestown and Ernest E. NIMAL of McDonald were
married July 14 in Noblestown.
Mrs. George CONLEY of Sturgeon underwent an operation in the Mercy
The Frank CHAMBONs and daughter Frances are spending two weeks in Atlantic
Deaths-Philip A. BRADY, 83, of McDonald; Mrs. John KREKES, 40, of Primrose,
and Donald L. WARNICK, 24, of Midway.

Ten Years Ago
July 23, 1931
William MASQUELIER broke the record on the CHAMBON bowling alleys with a
score of 292. Sylvester WILLIAMS has held the house record for several
years with a 278 score.
Fire started by lightening destroyed five buildings on the J. D. BIGGER
farm near Bavington, causing a property loss of $600 to Mr. BIGGER and
$1,000 to S. S. DOUDES who lives on the farm and owned the contents.
Gerald KENNEWEG and Knute JOHNSTON were painfully injured when the car in
which they were riding left the road near the South Penn gasoline plant on
the Noblestown road.
Mrs. Alice DEFRANCE of Irwin, formerly of McDonald, suffered severe back
injuries and a compound fracture of the left arm when she fell down a flight
of stairs.
Ruby MELVIN, 13, a former student of the Mt. Pleasant township vocational
school, was one of nine persons killed when an oil gusher at Mt. Pleasant,
Mich., caught fire. Her father, John MELVIN, was severely burned.
Jules DEBAKER's five-room dwelling in Cecil was destroyed by fire. Loss is
estimated at $3,500.
Charles PUSKAR of Enlow was struck by a baseball while watching a game and
sustained a broken collarbone.
Miss Lottie Mae CLARK of Midway underwent an appendectomy in the Mercy
Deaths-Mrs. Peter HERMES of Bulger; Mrs. John TUCKER, 74, of Florence:
Mrs. Harry LAUDERBAUGH, 72, of Noblestown; Mrs. John G. YOLTON, 81, of R. D.
2, Coraopolis; Merle DEWELL of McDonald.

Five Years Ago
July 24, 1936
Mr. and Mrs. George MEYERS and three children of Clinton were killed when
their car went over an embankment near Canonsburg.
Miss Irma CAMPBELL and Harry BELL, both of Midway, were married July 13, in
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur ROBERT of Louisville, Ky., formerly of McDonald, sailed
May 15 on the American SS. Trader to London.
The A. E. STEFFEN family has moved from Valley street to East Liverpool,
Mrs. Josephine DUMAS of Queen street underwent an appendectomy in the
Southside hospital.
Edward MCBRIDE of R. D. 4, McDonald sustained a broken leg and is in the
Mercy hospital.
Deaths-Mrs. David CARLYSLE, 50, of Hickory; Carole PAVLIC of Midway; Clark
Johnston SCHWAB, 3, of R. D. 4, McDonald; Mrs. Helen HUGHES, 77, Mrs. John
GROSSHEIM, 67, Anthony PUTT, 53, Mrs. Simeon GRITEN, 70, and William
Franklin WOODS, 85, all of McDonald.

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