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Port Perry was at one time "Perierstown" and a thriving community. Braddock
was known as Braddocksfield and was mostly farms and coal mines until the ET
mill was erected. The lock and damn built there ( I think #3 ) was the
reason for the growth of "Port Perry". At one time it was "the" hub of the


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The folks who identified Saltsburg as being in North Versailles Township are
correct. I lived in North Versailles for over 20 years and studied its
history. I suppose nothing remains of its river towns (Port Perry,
Saltsburg, etc.). I think part of the Edgar Thompson Steel Works extended
over the site of Port Perry (North Versailles won a critical court case over
Braddock Borough for tax revenue from the site). The local water authority
had a filtration plant at Port Perry, but that is all I remember existing in
the area.

Jack Nesbitt

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