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From: Al Lenkner <>
Subject: Re: [ALL] ward maps
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 00:03:14 -0400
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Smart move! I wouldn't stop or drink in that bar myself. It's changed a
lot in the last 30 years.


>Message text written by INTERNET:
> >5th and Frankstown but I believe that bar was on the corner of Washington
>Blvd and Frankstown. It may still be operating as a bar but I haven't been
>out that way in a couple of years.
>I think Washington Boulevard is correct and (smacking self on forehead) I
>have to be in that way in a couple weeks going to Oakland so I will swing
>by and check it out, see if there is still a bar there, however I will not
>stop and go in.
>Thank you Al and Louise for your help.

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