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Subject: Re: [ALL] Re: VICK references 1850's
Date: Wed, 06 Aug 2003 23:37:25 +0000

Linda, thanks, I think. :-} I too used the old clunkers for some time
(not telling the list how long), and yes unjamming the keys was fun. {:--I
appreciate the education ( how did I miss that). Sorta like Rudolph and the
Schmidt house. Again Thanks...
Remember to pray for all the
leaders of the world, and
especially for our men and women
in uniform.
> Hi, John
> I don't know if you got your answer back-channel. I was about to
> clean out old emails, and before I deleted yours, I figured I'ld send
> this along, just in case. Also thought that maybe a hint as to how
> some of the ""old"" errors happened in print might be useful someday
> to someone.
> > Thanks Bonnie. After the Vick, James, printer, bds qre fourth. Could
> >the bds qre be a misprint for somehow 142 Fourth (same place as the next
> >Vick, his brother Thomas lived?????
> The 'bds' means "boards'. As for the 'qre'..... I suspect that the
> qre is actually in the quoted text.
> *If* the copy that Bonnie had hold of, to do your lookup, was actually
> a true copy of the original, as in a microfilm of the original
> directory page..... then I have no idea what the 'qre' means. On the
> other hand, if her source was a republication or transcription, even
> an early one (anytime after circa 1870s), then I may perhaps have a
> clue. That's when the querty keyboard arrangement began to take

> serious hold... The same arrangement, sort of, as your keyboard.
> Having used an ancient, elevated key, clunkity-manual, untangle the
> jammed keys every fifth stroke, typewriter in my youth <wince>, this
> 'qre fourth' looks like a classic line-error typo. These are less
> common with modern keyboards.
> If you look at your keyboard, and look at the line above,
> "q....r....e...." is "1....4....3...." . And if the typist was up
> a line in the left hand, this also would have turned "Fourth" in
> "fourth" by the miss of the shift key. In old style typewriting, it
> was less likely to make an in-line error within the letters for one
> hand. So although he may have been at 142 with his brother...........
> from the text, it is more likely that he was boarding next door or
> across the street with the nice folks at 143 Fourth..... The ones
> with the spare room <grins>.
> That's assuming that the source for the look-up was not the original

> 1850 directory, of course. Geez, things get complicated <wry grins>.
> Good hunting,
> Linda Schreiber
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