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From: Helen Owens <>
Subject: [ALL] Hirsch/Rosenberger
Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2003 11:26:27 -0400


Is anyone doing research on the family name Hirsch Or Rosenberger? They
are my remaining brick wall in making the leap across the Atlantic.
They were my first brick wall and still remain after 25 years. If
anyone is out there who has any information I would be greatful

Here is what I know.
Elizabeth Hirsch married John ADAM Rosenberger in December of 1853 at
St. Philomenia Church here in Pittsburgh.
They settled in Mt Oliver immediately and remained there for the rest of
their lives.
THey do not appear on the 1850 census in Pgh area. Perhaps they have
better records now.
They do appear on the 1860 census and say they both immgrated from Byron
which translates Bavaria.
They did speak German.
Family history says they walked over the mountains form the East
I have checked the Baltimore boat records and did found a couple John
Adams but the ages were way off.
Elizabeth had at least one brother living in the Mt Oliver area. His
name was Peter.
If anyone on the list can make a connection I would be grateful.

Helen L.

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