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Nancy : my wife's great-grandfather, Thomas Clark, ultimately of Madison Township, Perry County, Ohio ( January 28, 1800-August 9, 1854) may have been the Thomas listed below - but this has not been proven:
Thomas Clark of Perry County, Ohio, may have been a member of Lodge no. 45, F. & A. M., 1785-1910 - Pittsburgh. In a list of members some are followed the letter A and some by the letter D - I can't find the meaning of these two letters. There are no other letters used in the list . Here is an example:

1830- Feb 27 James C. Downer
March 31 Charles W. Goff
May 26 William Moore
July 23 Thomas Clark D.
August 23 John Birmingham A.
About this time, if this is the Thomas who came to Perry County, he is getting ready to leave the southwest corner of Pennsylvania and move his family to Ohio. Maybe he will show up in the list of some Ohio Lodge of F. & A. M. In any event I would appreciate any comment as to what the letters D. and A. meant.

In the 1805 census Thomas and his son, John Milton, are listed as masons. I suppose stone masons, although later John Milton was a very successful farmer and JP. Thomas' great-grandson, John Wesley Clark, married Ada Miriam Orr. Ada's great-grandmother was Barbara Ann Lenhart Johnson. I know you have most of that Nancy - I am just trying to stir up interest. best regards Hal
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> > Hi,
> >
> > I am interested in any information or source for my ancestors who were
> > Masons in Perry Co. or even Muskingum Co.
> >
> > Evidently there were allot - under more than one surname, mainly LENHART.
> > The headstones included many symbols so maybe they were officers as well.
> >
> > Where would such info be located?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Nan

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