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Subject: Re: [ALL] Help with reading census
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 11:54:25 -0500
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As Marg and Kathi have already mentioned it does look like it is written as
Saxton on the 1880 detail image. in their index correctly names
it Saxony.
With the info you again provide, I searched on the 1870 census. Once again,
it wasn't easy. I had to search on John no-last-name, West. Co, born:
Germany, then a second try using Saxony. There were results for both but
the Saxony was the key. He is indexed in 1870 as John Natvig. But the image
clearly is Nahrig. The wife is named, as are Christopher and a few other
children. They are the last family on p.17 and flow onto p.18 of
Westmoreland Co, Huntingdon Twp, Yohoghany P.O. John has a hash mark in col.
19 :citizenship. I'll send you the image off-list. I've done some searches
against the 1860, in PA, and all-US, but I've run out of time. You should
maybe try to search Westmoreland Co naturalizations for John's
applications,etc., if for nothing else but to rule out that county.
As for better copies than the images the listers have sent you, you can do a
number of things, especially since the hard part, finding them, has been
done for you by these "some kind souls" (SKS's):
- visit a Library which has either the microfilms, or has access to
AncestryPlus and print off the copies yourself. Perhaps there you can find
John on in-bound arrivals with AncestryPlus, pre-1860. Or in the Immigrant
Ships Transcribers Guild.
- go to the NARA website and order copies.
- subscribe to any of the on-line genealogy websites who offer census

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Subject: [ALL] Help with reading census

> Another lister was very generous in sending me some
> jpg's of consus data and I have been very busy
> transcribing them (at work of course, where else is it
> quiet enough to do these things?). While these images
> are a blessing I am wishing I could see the actual
> film to take a better guess. I am looking at
> Christopher Nehrig in the 1880 census. He is living
> in Westmoreland Co at the time next to his father John
> Nehrig. I know he will go to Birmingham (Southside),
> Pittsburgh sometime soon, at least by the late 1890's
> when my grandmother was born and will eventually end
> up in Indiana County near Homer City.
> Obviously they were German. Not really a question
> about that (or IS there?) Christopher was born in PA
> but his parents were born elsewhere. It does
> DEFINITELY NOT say Germany under place of birth (as I
> mistakenly assumed it would) but rather something that
> starts with an "S" (I compared the S to one in the
> name Sara and they match so I am pretty confident of
> the first letter.
> So...I was wondering if anyone knows of a German
> region that is "Santon", "Sarten", "Saxton" or
> something like that. I will welcome any clues at this
> point. And if anyone does have access to the census
> and just wants to play around to perfect their
> transcription skills, that would also be most welcome.
> I am really a collector and not a researcher. I
> really like to find the living cousins but this has
> been kind of fun too. Dancing with the dead. At
> least they don't step on my feet.
> Thanks again for any help you may be able to offer.
> So many great folks on the lists!
> Happy Holidays!
> Sonya
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