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From: "Bon M" <>
Subject: RE: [ALL] Allegheny Cemetery Research Questions
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 02:11:17 -0500
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I have some questions regarding cemetery records at Allegheny Cemetery
for those who have done research there using their records, either in
person, on the phone or via mail.

My goal is to get more information on some of my Irish families, am
especially looking for town/counties of birth.

I know they charge a fee per person for searching. My question is, what
do you get for this fee? Are they the same records as filmed by the LDS?
Because I have gone through some of the Interment registers filmed by
LDS and if that is what it is, it would be a waste of money to do
individual searches, or so it would appear.

I have stories from my mom of multiple burials in the same grave. Would
that be recorded in a single grave? I didn't see any of that in the
filmed stuff I saw years ago.

Section maps. Inexplicably, the sections I need are either missing (35
was supposed to be on film, but it wasn't) and 37 is the only other one
not filmed. Those are two of the plot maps I need. Have any of you ever
ordered plot maps from Allegheny Cemetery? If so, how much did it cost?

I only have one family plot to research, most of mine were in single
graves (lucky to have enough money to get buried, I assume.) How
different is the information given than that found in the records of
single graves?

One last thing, do they have records of whether there are headstones or
not? That would be nice to know since I'm out-of-town, and if there are
headstones, I can arrange to pay someone to take photos for me. But of
course, that only works if they had headstones.

I don't mind spending the $10 per person if I get worthwhile or new
information, but I don't want to get duplicate stuff. I'm pretty new to
doing cemetery research (the office, I mean, I've walked a few in my
time) and to be honest, sometimes I'm a bit intimidated by the office
staffs, who aren't keen on genealogists. I spoke briefly to someone up
there last week and she told me the genealogy specialist was only in on
Mondays and call back then. So I figure I'll ask you guys first because
some of you have probably done this before and are familiar with what is
available, and you're not hostile to genealogists. ;)

I'll be back later with questions on other cemeteries. I'm really trying
to get some places of births for the Irish ancestors before I go back to
Ireland (next year perhaps.) I got lucky once with a death certificate
(gave the county, not just "Ireland" and I'm hoping to break through a
few brick walls. "Northern Ireland" is just too danged vague for
practical searching.

Thanks for any help!

Bonnie M

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