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Tuberculosis was highly contagious and confinement in an institution was done to
help contain the disease. There were several types of tuberculosis. Tuberculosis
of the lung was often called consumption or phthisis. Tuberculosis of the bones
and lymphatic glands was called struma or scrofula. Tuberculosis of the skin was
called lupus. Some of these names show up on the mortality schedules.


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Subject: [PAALLEGH] question on "institutions"

I have a relative (gr-gr-grandfather) who was listed as being an inmate in an
institution in a census. I assumed that this meant he was either in jail or an
insane asylum. My mother asked me if it was possible if he could have been in an
institution because he had tuberculosis. His wife had died within five years
before the census, at about 30 years old. I have not been able to get a death
certificate for her yet. My mom theorized that maybe she died of TB, and he had
had it too. Is there any possibility of this being the case?


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