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From: "Victoria Hospodar Valentine" <>
Subject: [ALL] Mining vote March 19, 1904 McDonald PA Outlook
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2007 06:02:53 -0500

The result of the vote on the mining rate will be hailed with joy by the
people in this vicinity; while we should like to have seen the miners get
what they wanted, we believe that they did the right thing in voting for
accepting the proposition of the operators, for strikes are bad and it's
always difficult to tell which is the winner or who loses the most,
regardless of the outcome.

Nickel Plate & Brier Hill 124 in favor 59 Strike

Laurel Hill 146 16

Jumbo 107 30

Reissing No. 2 59 17

Now that the mining rate has been settled, we will soon see the
Brier Hill, Nickel Plate and Laurel Hill mines resume, which means much to
the people of this valley. The majority of the miners in the four local
unions voting in favor of accepting the operators, which means 85 cents per
ton for two years.

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