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From: "Carolyn \"Cari\" Thomas" <>
Subject: [ALL] Coleman in Moon twp 1930
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2007 11:18:42 -0700

> Adeline and Alfadine Coleman were twin sisters and were in my class from
>7th. thru 12th. at Moon Twp. You were only a grade behind us so you should
>remember them. I have no idea who their parents were but you might know. I
>don't know if there were any other siblings nor where the family might have
>lived. Check our Yearbooks, oh great one. FYI in case readers wonder about
>your age, you graduated in 1941. GOTCHA!!!

Quick look at the 1930 census shows:

Moon Twp:

R.D. #3, Coraopolis, Pa.: Dwelling 90-97:
Coleman, George; Head; 35 (owns his home worth $5,000.
Audrey; Wife; 31
at top of next page:
Coleman, George; Son; 11
Charles; Son; 9
Alfadine; Daughter; 8
Adeline; Daughter; 8
McMahan, Stella; Aunt; 62

Family enum before them: John Oehling, wife Lila, son Harold 21; and before
the Oehlings: John Gray and wife Mary, kids Bessie 22, Della 18, John 15,
Howard 13, Stella 11.

Family enum after them: Slone, Robert and wife Margaret; and after the
Slones: Morrow (?) James and Olive and kids Edith 7, James 5, Mary 4, Nancy
2, Adda 1 and a half-sister Grace Dilley/Dolley? 13. Only address
information on this second page is Imperial Road.

Did not see McCutcheon on either page...

Cari Thomas

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