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Hi everyone,

I have limited information on the Cubbage family as it is related to David
Cubbage, the father of Bessie Cubbage Ferber.

Bessie was born on January 30, 1877 to David Cubbage and Annie Lambie. She
had an older brother, Alexander Lambie Cubbage, who was born in 1874. He
died on October 17, 1878 in Sharpsburg. On October 22, 1878 his mother
Annie E. Lambie Cubbage also died. Both died of diphtheria and were buried
in Greenwood Cemetery in O'Hara Township, both one day after they died.

In the 1880 census, David Cubbage and his little daughter, Bessie, were
living in Etna Borough in the household of Katherine Cubbage, age 57. David
was 38 years old. Also in the house were Rosille Cubbage, age 24 and Fanny
Cubbage, age 21. David and Bessie are listed as boarders, so this may not
be mother and sisters, but other relatives.

Two other Cubbage families were in Etna in 1880. John Cubbage and his wife
Elisabeth, ages 32 and 24 respectively. They are listed with 3 children.
Also a Louis Cubbage and his wife Minnie, ages 26 and 23. Two children are
listed with them. Another Cubbage, William, age 22, was a boarder at the
home of Andrew McCall. All of these people were on Katherine Street.

Earlier Cubbages were in census records of Pine Township.

Bessie Cubbage married Jacob Ferber, my great-uncle, who lived near us in
O'Hara Township in the 1950s. As the Cubbage family is not in my direct
genealogy, I have nothing else to contribute. As for the Lambie family, I
have quite a bunch of charts. My Aunt Sarah Ferber, Bessie's daughter, had
a set of scrolls with the Lambie family on them. I charted the family on
some family sheets, but do not have the scrolls anymore, as I turned them
over to the children of Sarah's brother.

Diane Nichols

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Clare and Annie,

I have Annie LAMBIE b. 1852, probably Gibsonia or Pine Twp. She was the
of ten children born to John LAMBIE (1810--1876), and Margaret THOMSON
(1808--1887). John is buried in the Depreciation Lands Cemetery, Route 8,
Allegheny Co. There are quite a few Lambies buried here. She married David

CUBBAGE, b. 1841, Allegheny Co. They had one known issue--Elizabeth/Bessie
Cubbage, b. 1877, Etna, Allegheny Co.

Diane Nichols might have further details, but I am not certain about this.

I am still trying to verify the burial of Margaret Thomson Lambie, older
sister of my greatgrandfather, Robert Thomson. It is believed she is buried
the Deer Creek Presbyterian Cemetery. Also searching for burial of their
mother, Nancy nee WRIGHT Thomson (c. 1776--c. 1815), probably buried on
Thomson's property named "Chance" in northern Allegheny Co.

Anyone know if this cemetery has been read? Or has access to a listing of

Marybeth C.

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Hi Clare,

Anyhow, I have a collateral CUBBAGE line that is quite limited in info.

I have a David CUBBAGE married to Annie LAMBIE, dau. of John LAMBIE and
Margaret THOMSON. (Margaret was an older sister of my greatgrandfather,
THOMSON, 1815--1883, Allegheny Co., PA).

Am curious to know who the parents were of David CUBBAGE, and if there might

be a connection to your line.

Marybeth C.


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From: Clare <>
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Hi, Annie,

I found my Mary's parents. You were right, it's James CUBBAGE and Jane
GILFILLAN. I have the information from this GEDCOM: but
he got it from someone else's work, so I will be verifying everything
(as always.) I can't find the source, which he lists as: From Lawton &
Cassell Ancestors & Cousins page 124 of 295. from internet which is

Is anyone else related to CUBBAGE or GILFILLAN? They were prolific
families, spread throughout Allegheny and Washington Counties.

Clare in MO


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could you give any more info? when was Annie Lambie born and where in
Allegheny Co?

The CUBBAGE family that I am related came to the area around
Chartiers/Robinson Twp and worked initially for Campbell. It was
Alexander Gilfiallan who helped James Cubbage with naturalization--
Alexander GIlfillan was married to Martha Boyd-- Gilfillan was
originally a member of the Bethel Pres Church which is where Martha is
buried-- and yes, somehow I connect into the Boyd line as well-- and
the Gilfillan family took care of my family plots well into the 20th

while David is not a typical male name of the line, perhaps I can lead
you in the right direction if I know more. There would be several
suspects for his parents--- what did he name his children, in
particular his sons? Where did he live?



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