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From: "mghc" <>
Subject: Re: [ALL] Pittsburgh Catholic, Diocese Of Pittsburgh,100th Anniversary (1944)
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2007 21:53:45 -0400

The Pittsburgh Diocese in 1944 was quite different from the Diocese in 1843
when it was established(and covered the western half of the state) and the
Diocese in 2007 is yet again different. An examination of history should
not be made only from current information and sources, as I'm sure the over
poster is aware.

For a historically different perspective, your attention is invited to The
Pittsburgh Catholic : commemorating the completion of 100 years of the
Diocese of Pittsburgh. Alphonse G Mihm; P J Bernarding; Elizabeth O'Connor;
M P Boylel; et al , Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Catholic, 1944.


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