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From: Al Lenkner <>
Subject: Re: [ALL] Pittsburgh Catholic, Diocese Of Pittsburgh,100th Anniversary (1944)
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 00:00:10 -0400
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Paul et al,

One of the members of this list has written a book on the history of
the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

I found this local history book and thought some of you listers might
find it of interest. The book covers from 1754 to the present. You
can find further information at:


Arcadia is the company that has been publishing neighborhood and
community history books for the last few years. I have a copy for
almost every neighborhood in the South Hills where family lived at
one time except for Overbrook......... and if anyone has a copy of
the history of Overbrook, I'm willing to pay double for it.


At 09:53 PM 4/10/2007, you wrote:
>The Pittsburgh Diocese in 1944 was quite different from the Diocese in 1843
>when it was established(and covered the western half of the state) and the
>Diocese in 2007 is yet again different. An examination of history should
>not be made only from current information and sources, as I'm sure the over
>poster is aware.
>For a historically different perspective, your attention is invited to The
>Pittsburgh Catholic : commemorating the completion of 100 years of the
>Diocese of Pittsburgh. Alphonse G Mihm; P J Bernarding; Elizabeth O'Connor;
>M P Boylel; et al , Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Catholic, 1944.

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