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Don't forget to look for a delayed birth certificate. My uncle was b. at home, in Allegheny Co. in 1921 and never had a birth certificate. Apparently the Dr. didn't register him. When WWII came up he needed a birth certificate and my mom testified as to his birth and he got a delayed birth certificate.
Just a thought.
Clare in Fla.

-- Helen Owens <> wrote:
I need a little help. Two of my second cousins have ask me to help them
find out something of their mother's ancestry. It is a real mystery.
Their mother was taken as a foster child approximately age two and raised
by their grandmother. Orginially she was supposed to have been raised by
her "cousin" Ann Westerman but that did not happen. Several stories have
gone thru the family as to where she came from. I do not think she knew
for sure herself. One story was that she was from Ohio. I would like
the address in Ohio where we could write to try to find a birth
certificate. Her name was as far as they know Elvira C. Newton and she
was born between June 10 1922 and June 10 1923 we think. If anyone can be
of any help we would appreicate it.


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