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From: "J T Walton" <>
Subject: Re: [ALL] Old Photo preservation
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2007 20:58:46 -0400
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Try a scrapbook store. I have a product called Un-Du Adhesive Remover.
It safely removes sticky goo from photos, etc. The store should have good
preservation ideas. Then you can mount them on acid-free paper, o however
you want to save them. If not a scrapbook store, try the yellow pages for
photo restoration.
Preservation is important and lots of people are there to help you.
Good luck,
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Subject: [ALL] Old Photo preservation

> Given the wide array of experience in this group, I was hoping someone
> could
> help me with a little problem...
> I was lent some old family photos. Many of them are glued onto pages of an
> old album. The paper is that black, felty feeling stuff. I know that's a
> really scientific explanation, but I'm hoping you all know what I mean!
> Anyway, some are falling off, others, some past relative tried to rip off
> so
> the photo is ripped, some pages have huge holes where someone cut a
> picture
> out... Anyway, I would like to safely remove them from the paper if at all
> possible. The paper is basically disintegrating, and I'm sure it's not
> good
> for the photos. I've already put them all in an acid free box, but I'm
> worried that that's not enough. I tried to find a way to do it online, but
> couldn't find anything specific. Since we have people on the list who work
> for historic organizations, I was hoping someone could tell me how to
> safely
> do this (if at all), or direct me to a place where I could read how to do
> it.
> Thank you all in advance for your advice,
> Jeannine
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