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I do.

Wordplay won't disguise the fact that this was unnecessary and a little
research beforehand would have shown that.

Some will agree, some won't, and at the end of the day nothing changes. If
people are satisfied with that effort, well then I guess they just are and
pehraps I'm in the minority.

But I'm certainly not joining the "well done!" brigade. I'm sure I'm not
alone, but most people won't confront a defensive person. I tend to dislike
the "pity me" attitude that has been shown. I never tolerated that with my
kids, I sure won't with adults.

I guess I comprehend now why Pennsylvania is so behind on getting things
done compared to other states, genealogy-wise. And before I get hit on that,
I'm a native, so I can say it.

Next time, do the research first.


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I don't think that making information available in another format is a
wasted effort.

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